RMA Functionality

Turn Returns into Revenue with RMA Integration

With Descartes Peoplevox, you can transform returns from a cost center to a revenue generator. Our system integrates with returns portals, automates returned order data processing, and handles exchanges, returns, and refunds directly in the warehouse.

Returns Management Ecosystem

Accelerated Returns Processing

With RMA details flowing directly into the warehouse management system, staff can quickly identify and process incoming returns without having to manually lookup or enter information. This streamlines putaway, restocking, and any other necessary actions. 

Returns Management in Descartes Peoplevox
minimise the risk of mis-ships

Improved Inventory Accuracy

Integrating RMA data provides real-time inventory updates as returns are received and processed in the warehouse. This ensures your inventory records better reflect incoming returns and saleable stock quantities. 

Enhanced Data Visibility

Everyone from customer service to operations has a unified view into each return, rather than having to look at fragmented data across separate systems. This transparency enables proactive issue resolution and analysis to optimize the returns process. 

set up for scale
minimise the risk of mis-ships

Labor Savings and Planning Benefits 

Eliminating manual data entry significantly reduces administrative time associated with processing returns. Warehouse and Customer Support staff can reallocate labor to more value-added activities. Advanced visibility of incoming returns helps with efficient planning of required staff resources. 

Superior Customer Experience 

Quicker returns processing and inventory reconciliation translates into faster refunds or replacements for customers. This improved experience can boost satisfaction and loyalty. 

set up for scale

Who benefits from RMA Integration?

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Existing Descartes Peoplevox Customers

You are managing your own warehouse for inbound and outbound goods and use, or would like to use, Descartes Peoplevox’s Returns module.


Merchants Handling Returns Daily

Returns are a regular occurrence in your business. Our customers typically see anywhere from 10-50% return rate dependent on industry.

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Users of Standalone Returns Management Apps

You are already using a returns management platform separately from your WMS, or are considering implementing one.

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Teams Operating Manually Without Automation

Stock is manually moved back into inventory when returned and doubling up on processing or there are staff working solely on returns.

Descartes Peoplevox

Get familiar with our industry-leading ecosystem. Start your search for integrations into Descartes Peoplevox WMS and find partners to help you on your journey.

More platforms are continuously being added, so if you do not see the logo you are looking for, please reach out.

Loop Returns
Retail Express
Swap Commerce
Starshipit Integration
Brightpearl Warehouse Management

See RMA Integration in Action

Watch our live demo as Amandeep Bhatti, Client Success Manager for Descartes Peoplevox, walks through the step-by-step process of how to process a return.

If you are an existing Descartes Peoplevox customer with the Returns Module, and you already use a separate returns platform, reach out to your tech partners to integrate the systems immediately.


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Achieve Remarkable ROI with a WMS

Discover how a strategic investment in a WMS optimised warehouse efficiency and also delivered a game-changing return on investment.

Streamlining operations and automating tasks


Real-time inventory tracking


Productivity reporting and dashboards

Descartes Peoplevox helped us instantly improve picking accuracy and efficiency.

We’ve streamlined our warehouse operations, improved order accuracy, and reduced labor costs. The real-time data insights provided by Descartes Peoplevox empowered us to make data-driven decisions, ultimately boosting our bottom line.

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Rob Hollis

Continuous Improvement Manager, The AYBL Group


Shipping accuracy


Faster Shipping


Reduction in Costs


Increased inventory accuracy

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Clients Who Hate Inaccuracy and Love Descartes Peoplevox

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“We have to be fast. This software gives you total control of your warehouse game plan.”

Colin Kelly

Managing Director, Big Frog Supply

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“We’ve never had this much visibility. We are all feeling the benefits of control over fulfillment quality.”

Amber Duncan

Head of Customer Experience, Saint + Sofia


“The WMS has scaled with us as a business, without the fundamentals changing, from 7k to a 70k square foot site.

Rob Hollis

Continuous Improvement Manager, AYBL

Working with Brands Handling 150 to Over 60,000 Orders a Day

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Streamlining operations and automating tasks


Real-time inventory tracking


Productivity reporting and dashboards

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