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Peoplevox is a fully-featured WMS and is built for scale. Check out the capabilities of our desktop platform and warehouse management app.

Peoplevox Platform Overview

Android App

warehouse management app

Our native Android warehouse management app is designed for the warehouse user. Download it from our helpdesk to get started. It is designed to be easy to use. A new member of your warehouse team can be trained on basic functions and picking orders in 30 minutes.

Web Platform

peoplevox multiview

Our desktop based web app is the control hub for everything. Configure it to suit your business requirements. This includes: setting up warehouse locations, sites and zones; controlling your inventory; creating pick actions; managing users and integrations.

Reporting & Dashboards

peoplevox analyze warehouse performance

Align your warehouse team with the goals of the operation using our suite of dashboards and analyse warehouse performance with our wide range of reports. We have 40+ out-of-the-box reports and customisable dashboards that can be configured to display exactly what you care about.

Set Up and Platform

Mobile Barcode Scanning
Drive efficiency by capturing information using barcodes. This can be done with a bluetooth scanner, built-in barcode scanner or the device camera.

Offline Mode
Every warehouse has WiFi black spots. Switching to offline mode prevents downtime due to WiFi dropouts.

Barcode Capture
Use the app to capture product barcodes for items that haven’t been assigned a barcode.

Configurable Workflows
Exact steps in each workflow can be toggled on or off to optimise the user experience, matching it to the business process requirements.

Inventory Management
Know the exact location, status and quantity of every inventory item.

Multiple Barcodes Per Supplier
Assign more than one barcode to an item.

Print Template Rules
Configure rules that decide which shipping documentation to print for each order. For example, you can print different returns information for each country.

Concurrent User Licenses
Manage how many users you allow on the platform at one time.

Kit Manager
Configure bundles or kits during set-up. Configure parent and child relationships between products.

Dynamic Locations
Create a multi-level hierarchy of locations within each warehouse with a unique barcode and sequence number assigned to each.

Multi Warehouse Management
Operate each warehouse independently and sync inventories across all locations.

Purchase Orders
Create basic purchase orders using Peoplevox and export them to CSV to send to suppliers.

Sales Orders
View sales orders and their progress through your warehouse.

Open API
Open web-based API to connect your technology stack with your warehouse and inventory data.

Cloud Printing
Print to any local network printer from your Peoplevox account using a web browser or the Android app without installing any software.

System Updates
Automated updates to both your core WMS platform and native Android mobile app.

Multiple Items per Location
Make the most of the storage capacity in your warehouse by storing more than one item in each location.

Multiple Locations per Item
Dynamically assign the same SKU to multiple locations by scanning the location and then the individual item.

Peoplevox is not designed to be a product master. The products you sell need to be synchronised with your warehouse management system so that inventory level changes and order status changes can be passed between systems. The available fields in our item catalog can be found in our API documentation.

Location Types
Setup locations for different use types, specifically, pick for picking and bulk for storing products that should be replenished to pick locations before being picked.

Shipping Documents
Design shipping documentation using our built-in HTML editor.

Sandbox (QA Environment)
Test environments before go live with a sandbox environment.

Composite Barcode Handler
Scan a composite barcode that contains both product and unit of measure data.

Warehouse Management

Adjust Inventory
Manually adjust stock in a location giving a reason why to account for errors outside of the system.

Quick Register
Register items quickly into locations by scanning the location and the item.

Inventory Count
Inventory count a specific location and compare counted items versus expected inventory levels. Works while your warehouse operates and the time since a location was counted can be tracked for prioritising inventory counts.

Scan to Move
Move barcoded items to a new location by scanning the item or selecting all items in the location.

Scan to Remove
Remove products and include a removal reason like “damaged stock”.

Quarantine inventory by moving it into a ‘Quarantine’ location. Inventory in ‘Quarantine’ is not available for sale.

Variance Reporting
Inventory counts generate variances that need to be reviewed before being accepted or rejected. Inventory changes are only made once the variance has been processed.

Advanced Register Inventory with Configurable Reasons
Add inventory to a location with a reason recorded in your audit trail.

Containers / License Plates
Create a container which is assigned a unique ID or license plate and a reference. You can assign products to a container and use the container’s license plate to manage the movement of the items stored on it through the warehouse. Ideal for pallet-based operations with bulk storage.

Automated Replenishment
Automate the movement of inventory between your ‘Bulk’ and ‘Pick’ locations by setting a minimum pick face quantity which will trigger a replenishment action to be created when it is reached.

Receive Against Purchase Order (PO)
Book goods into the warehouse against a PO and have them reconciled so you know what is missing or to identify items that were not ordered at all.

Eliminate manual PO reconciliation by doing it automatically.

Directed Put-Away
Directed put-away directs operators to put products in locations they’re currently stored, where they were kept previously if out of stock or it will find the first empty location. For containers it looks for empty locations first.

Receive Without a PO
Receive individual items without a PO.

Process customer returns faster by scanning them against their Sales Order ID and capturing the return condition and state. Unsellable items will be routed to ‘Quarantine’ locations by default.

Receive Without Scan
Receive a delivery without scanning items by choosing the PO amending the ordered quantities to be the quantities received.

Reconcile Goods-In Receipts
Create an additional safety measure that prevents POs from being reconciled automatically. Once received you’ll get the opportunity to review the goods-in receipt and change which items are reconciled against a PO or add a new PO to reconcile items against them.

Pick, Pack and Ship

Failed Picks Manager
View and handle failed actions on the web platform. Check stock in location and adjust accordingly.

Failed Pick Re-Routing
Intelligently re-routes pickers to follow the fastest route after a failed action results in a new item location being added to their pick route.

Pick by Order
Pick one order at a time in the fastest route through the warehouse.

Unpick Items
Unpick items if they are damaged or an order is cancelled during the picking. It works like scan to move except it moves an item from a ‘Ship’.

Multi-Item Batch Picking
Multi-item batch picking sorts multiple orders into a single pick route and items can then be stored anywhere on the picking cart. Ideal for maximising pick speed of orders that have a wide range of item sizes and quantities.

Pick for Stores
Pick items ready to ship to your stores.

Pick & Sort to Cart
Pick multiple orders in a single pick route and direct the picker to sort the items for each order into a specific location. Ideal for uniform order sizes that utilise the designated pack and ship location on the cart.

Capture Serial Number
Capture serial number during picking for serialised inventory items.

Repack Picked Items
Move picked items between containers or ship locations to optimise how they are shipped.

Ship By Container
Ship whole containers of picked items by scanning the license plate and confirming the shipment.

Mobile Ship
Ship using the Android mobile app rather than the web browser. Ideal for shipping larger items or using on packing benches that don’t have space for a computer.

Order Led Ship
Ship orders that have been sorted prior to packing and assigned to a location or container ID that can be scanned to find the order.

Package Selection
Select the package type being shipped to provide exact package dimensions to your shipping software. Barcode cheat sheets or package barcodes enable the package type to be captured from a barcode scan.

Stop Ship
Customer services, your fulfilllment team and your website platform can use the stop ship feature to block the shipping of any order. This is your ‘panic button’ to give complete control on what is shipped from your warehouse. It can be turned on/off via API or through the web app.

Item-Led Ship
Scan an item to search for the oldest picked sales order that is awaiting shipment from the pack and ship location being processed. For multiple item orders the packer is shown the other items required and their pack and ship location so the order can be sorted for shipping as a single package.

Quick Ship
Select a sales order or multiple sales orders and change the status to shipped.

Reports and Dashboards

Configurable Reports
Save custom combinations of filters and views of over 50 reports. Share them with other team members and download to CSV for further analysis.

Audit Trail
See an audit trail of every moment and action in your warehouse. Drill down into every user, transaction, time period and completely understand your inventory history in the event of any discrepancies.

Configurable Dashboards
Take a report and choose a dashboard component to represent the data you want to visualise. Custom dashboards can be accessed via a direct URL and shared across your whole company.

Order Event Tracking
Eliminate the black hole between orders being placed and shipped. Get a complete order history with every event tracked in one place. Know when an order is created, allocated, picked, shipped and returned. Drill down to details of who picked it, from which location and even the exact time.

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