Precision Perfected Unmatched Warehouse Accuracy with Our WMS

Unlock operational accuracy with Descartes Peoplevox Warehouse Management System (WMS).

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Before Peoplevox, we were stuck using paper pick lists. Working with Descartes helped us to improve picking accuracy and efficiency straightaway.
- Rob Hollis, Continuous Improvement Manager, The AYBL Group
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Definitive Stock

  • Confident inventory levels
  • Traceability of stock movements
  • Inventory adjustments

Faultless Fulfilment

  • Eliminate mis-ships
  • Build brand trust
  • Ship orders on time
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Eliminate Overselling

  • Real-time inventory sync
  • Connect inventory to ecommerce channels
  • Sell only available stock

The Descartes Peoplevox Effect

descartes peoplevox effect

Without Descartes Peoplevox

without descartes peoplevox

With Descartes Peoplevox

with descartes peoplevox
four and one half stars

Value For Money Rating 4.4/5 On Capterra

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Clients Who Hate Inaccuracy and Love Descartes Peoplevox

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We chose Peoplevox because we needed to position ourselves to keep growing as a company.

Damien Park-Neilson

Operations Director, Meshki

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Getting the WMS implemented was an absolute game changer for Showpo.

Paul Waddy

COO, Showpo


It’s allowed us to grow more efficiently and maintain a lean operating model as we scale.

Jackson Burton

Director, BraForMe

Working with Brands Handling 150 to Over 60,000 Orders a Day

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Descartes Peoplevox

Get familiar with our industry-leading ecosystem. Start your search for integrations into Descartes Peoplevox WMS and find partners to help you on your journey.

Loop Returns
Retail Express
Swap Commerce
Starshipit Integration
Brightpearl Warehouse Management

Error-Free Warehouse Operations

fast and accurate picking

Fast and Accurate Picking

  • Barcode scanning to prevent mistakes
  • Pick more orders, faster, with fewer people
no more mis ships

No More Mis-Ships

  • Get every order out on time
  • Reputation for precision
scale sustainability

Scale Sustainably

  • Increase margins and profitability
  • Set up for long-term growth