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Unbeatable workflows for e-commerce warehouses

Specialist warehouse management software for high-growth fulfillment.


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An introduction to Peoplevox's Warehouse Management Software for e-commerce

Accredited and proven integrations

Our Warehouse Management System is designed to connect your warehouse to all of your business systems. Accurate inventory management for Shopify, Magento or any other platform is key and our integrations ensure you know what's what.  But wait! We don't just integrate with e-commerce platforms. View all of our integrations here.

Helping fast growing brands succeed

Different business models, different products, different needs. Peoplevox was built to withstand the stresses of fast growth; the work we’re doing with a huge range of e-commerce companies at different stages of development shows just how well it performs. It’s a wms system that delivers.

"Since deploying Peoplevox, it has been a key component in our evolution and it is fair to say that we would not have been able to fulfil the volume of orders on our most recent peak trading days without Peoplevox."


IT Director

"It is a very good WMS and we are developing many webstores in Argentina and we recommend using Peoplevox as a WMS."



"Peoplevox’s consultants were brilliantly responsive and their willingness to go the extra mile in addressing our specific technical issues made a big difference."


Financial Director

"I would recommend Peoplevox to any e-tailer because the WMS has been consistently reliable with our vast range of products and high stock holding."


Operations Manager


Picking orders with Peoplevox

Picking with Peoplevox is simple and foolproof. We have multiple picking methods available at your fingertips to help you fulfil orders faster.


6 Ways We Can Improve Your Warehouse

Warehouse in-efficiency costs money. As your e-commerce business grows these problems can become more apparent as you struggle to cope with increasing order volumes. We understand the common problems found in a warehouse and we've built our software around solving these problems. Here are 6 ways our software will help you be more efficient in your warehouse and ultimately reduce your operating costs.

easy to use warehouse system

Train staff quickly

We make complex processes look simple. After a brief training session, everyone is able to pick, sort and organise with complete ease. Reduce the time spent training new staff members.

custom software wms

Reduce picking time

One of the main time sinks for pickers is an in-efficient picking route. We analyse your warehouse layout and set up your system so it always directs the pickers down the quickest route possible.

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Efficient picking methods

Our system has a number of different picking methods available. Depending on the type of product you sell we'll provide you with the correct way to pick the types of items you stock, reducing the time spent picking orders.

mobile first warehouse software

Mobile first software

Because our software runs on Android you can install it on any Android device. Carry the power of your WMS system with you. Attach a finger scanner and you'll be flying through your warehouse.

A paperless warehouse

With Peoplevox you will be able to run a paperless warehouse. Eliminating the paper trail can eliminate a lot of the common errors we see in a busy warehouse.

offline warehouse software

Works offline

Forget about losing data if you lose Wi-Fi connection in your warehouse. Our Android app stores the data locally on the device ready for when you're back online.

What is Warehouse Management Software?

For those of you new to the term, warehouse management systems/software (often shortened to WMS) is a piece of software designed to support and enhance warehouse or distribution center management. It supports the day-to-day operation of the warehouse and ensures that everything runs as efficiently as possible.

Warehouse management processes can be very complex, they can result in a lot of paperwork and this can be difficult to keep on top of. Some warehouse managers start by controlling company stock/inventory with excel spreadsheets using templates downloaded from the web. Our WMS automates these complex manual processes and removes paper and excel spreadsheets from your warehouse operation.

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Warehouse Management Software Blog

Theres a lot to cover when it comes to warehouse management systems. Whether you are interested in looking into new picking strategies or styles or looking at your overall supply chain or choose trying to find better ways to track your inventory. We have written articles on how to priortise important orders when picking, introduce a whole new picking system and we also cover more general topics about wms software as a solution and things like cycle counts.