Grow better with Linnworks + Descartes Peoplevox

By connecting Linnworks and Descartes Peoplevox, multi-channel retailers can drive profitable growth with accurate multi-channel inventory and bulletproof fulfillment processes. It’s a best of both pairing: Linnworks for order management, listings and forecasting; Peoplevox for inventory control and all the physical movement of goods in your warehouse.

Linnworks Warehouse Management Partnership

Our Shared Customers

PVX Linnworks Shared Customers
ship orders faster

Ship More Orders Faster

Improve the efficiency of every warehouse worker. Offer later next-day cut offs and handle more volume with less people.


Make the Basics Bulletproof

Barcode every location, scan every item and cut out packing mistakes. They should be 100% avoidable even for new staff.


Real-Time Inventory Sync

Descartes Peoplevox + Linnworks means your warehouse inventory, website and marketplace stock levels reflect each other in real time.

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Descartes Peoplevox operates on an intuitive mobile app. Get your staff trained in minutes not months and stop relying on experienced team members with stacks of paper picklists.

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Multi-Channel Integrations

Linnworks provides a hub for your business, handing ecommerce platform and marketplace integration.

Sync Inventory to Every Sales Channel

Confirm every sales order as fulfillable to avoid overselling, underselling and cancelled orders.

Improve Your Reviews

Meet Your Service Level Agreements

Prioritise the picking of key marketplace orders like Seller Fulfilled Prime and meet all SLAs with ease.

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Ready to Grow

Scalable fulfillment alongside accurate inventory opens the door for new sales channels and more strategic growth initiatives. Build your business on rock solid fundamentals.

Scalable tech stack with Linnworks and Peoplevox

Getting started with this tech stack

Existing Linnworks customers can benefit from the advanced capabilities of Descartes Peoplevox WMS. Similarly, Peoplevox customers looking to grow more across marketplaces and through retail partners can consider Linnworks a strong option for listing and order management.

Connection between the systems is implemented by a trusted mutual partner. The integration replicates accurate product details between the two systems, ensures all product reference numbers are unique, maintains stock and sales updates between the two, pushes purchase orders from Linnworks to Peoplevox and returns tracking and shipping info, all wrapped up with accurate reporting.

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