With direct integrations to over 70 global carriers, Shiptheory is a product-driven, customer focussed carrier management platform that can be connected with Descartes Peoplevox to automate the shipping and label printing process.

ShipTheory Peoplevox

We believe that no one should spend most of their day manually copy and pasting shipment information, printing labels or returning tracking numbers. Our mission aligns with Peoplevox, who enable businesses to be faster and more efficient with their fulfillment processes. Both Shiptheory and Peoplevox are extremely customer-centric, meaning any joint user can expect seamless onboarding and technical support throughout.

Rita Jenkins

Head of Partnerships, Shiptheory

Shiptheory Peoplevox Example Tech Stack
What is the benefit?

Shiptheory is a cloud-based shipping management platform that connects online retailers to carriers, automatically books shipments, prints labels, and returns tracking numbers within seconds.  

Shiptheory enables merchants to ship 5-10x faster and save up to 7 hours per day. When integrated with Peoplevox, this means rapid label printing without needing to leave the Peoplevox dispatch screen.

How does the data flow?

Peoplevox pulls sales order details in from various ecommerce platforms and marketplaces. When the items have been picked and are ready to dispatch, Shiptheory kicks into gear behind the scenes. Without leaving the Peoplevox application, scanning to dispatch an order triggers a two-way API call to Shiptheory, and the correct shipping label for that order is returned and printed in seconds. The shipping number, carrier information and tracking details are also generated in Shiptheory. This information is sent to the customer via the exchange of data between Peoplevox and your ecommerce platforms.

Who does the integration?

Shiptheory built the integration into Peoplevox’s shipping API and support it themselves.

How much does it cost?

Both products are SaaS-based platforms with monthly subscription pricing models. Whilst the main factor that determines your monthly fee for Peoplevox is users, a carrier management solution such as Shiptheory charges a no-contract flat-rate monthly fee which is dependent on; shipment volumes and the number of sales channels and carrier integrations.

Customer-focussed product

Shiptheory provides dedicated shipping experts to support their customers. Phone, email and live technical support are available, alongside a committed approach to improving the product.

Adaptable functionality

Peoplevox and Shiptheory are highly configurable products. They can be tailored through rules engines and automations to process shipments, generate labels and return tracking numbers as needed.

Cross border compliance

Shiptheory handles all international shipments and can provide automated custom documentation, support for electronic paperless trade, a commodity data checking and is IOSS, EORI, DDP and DDU compliant.

Free trial

Shiptheory offers a flexible 14-day free trial and requires no contract. Users can also upgrade or downgrade their plans to suit their seasonal demands. There are no extra fees or hidden costs for onboarding or support and the pricing plans suit businesses of all sizes.