shipster – carrier integration built for peoplevox

High levels of customisation and transparent pricing make Shipster a go-to partner for Peoplevox clients. This partnership is the winning warehouse combination behind some of the Times Fast Track 100 brands year on year.

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Missy Empire
Oh Polly

Descartes Peoplevox and Shipster transformed our company logistically to do things we never thought would be possible.

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Couture Club

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What is the benefit?

Shipster is the only carrier management platform built for Peoplevox. We work together closely to provide the best possible warehouse and shipping technology to our customers. Paired, these platforms are proven, at scale, with some of the biggest names in the industry.

How does the data flow?

Peoplevox pulls sales order details in from various ecommerce platforms and marketplaces. When the items have been picked and are ready to dispatch, Shipster kicks into gear behind the scenes. Without leaving the Peoplevox application, scanning to dispatch an order triggers a two-way API call to Shipster, and the correct shipping label for that order is returned and printed in seconds. The shipping number, carrier information and tracking details are also generated in Shipster. This information is sent to the customer via the exchange of data between Peoplevox and your ecommerce platforms.

Who does the integration?

Shipster built the integration into Peoplevox’s Shipping API and support this service.

How much does it cost?

Because the integrated tools are built for ecommerce, we have priced to ensure you only pay for what you use. Adding pack benches at a per month cost ensures you can scale up for busier Peak trading periods and then reduce your operating costs again for quieter times.

Shipster know that customers want to be able to forecast their shipping costs, so they charge for an active number of user licenses rather than a ‘price per label’ approaching.

Trusted partnership

Shipster is the most widely used and trusted shipping partner for Peoplevox clients in the UK.

Remove extra steps

Scanning the last item of an order prints the label for that order automatically.

Custom shipping rules

Customisable, automatic shipping rules can be created for you at installation and can be amended at any later date.

Enhanced workflows

Trigger pop-ups for address corrections or to capture customs data during the dispatch flow.

peoplevox + Shipster case study: Lounge Underwear

Lounge Underwear have moved 5 warehouses in 6 years in their journey from bedroom start-up to world leading lingerie brand. Learn how Peoplevox and Shipster have been there every step of the way.