How much does a warehouse management system (WMS) cost?

Welcome to our in-depth WMS pricing guide. This page will cover what a WMS does, the main types of warehouse management systems, their pros and cons and the factors that determine the pricing of these platforms.

Descartes Peoplevox Pricing Breakdown

One-Time Cost


One-Time Cost

$9,600 $32,000

  • Project management, recorded training sessions
  • Best practice consultancy, system setup and ongoing configuration
  • Integrations and User Acceptance Testing
  • Dedicated Go-Live support

On-Going Costs

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Monthly Cost

from $2,050 p/m

  • Pre-sales consultancy and tech stack design
  • All core components: receiving, pick, pack, dispatch, inventory and reporting
  • 5 concurrent users
  • Designated Client Success and 24/7 support


Monthly Cost

from $195 p/m

  • Up-front committed users for lifetime of contract
  • Based on concurrent usage rather than total log-ins
  • Add ‘flex-up’ users for minimum one-month terms
  • Add fixed users through Client Success when required


Monthly Cost

from $255 p/m

  • Can be included in initial contract or added at a later date, when necessary
  • Configurable dashboards
  • Pick and sort to trolley
  • Mobile dispatch
  • Returns

Achieve Remarkable ROI with a WMS

Discover how a strategic investment in a WMS optimised warehouse efficiency and also delivered a game-changing return on investment.

Streamlining operations and automating tasks


Real-time inventory tracking


Productivity reporting and dashboards

Peoplevox helped us instantly improve picking accuracy and efficiency.

We’ve streamlined our warehouse operations, improved order accuracy, and reduced labour costs. The real-time data insights provided by Descartes Peoplevox empowered us to make data-driven decisions, ultimately boosting our bottom line.

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Rob Hollis

Continuous Improvement Manager, The AYBL Group


Shipping accuracy


Faster Shipping


Reduction in Costs


Increased inventory accuracy

ROI Calculator

Learn how much Descartes Peoplevox can help you save.

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WMS Benefits

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Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Optimise inventory management, order fulfilment, and shipping processes, while reducing errors and improving operations.

Improved Accuracy and Inventory Control

Real-time visibility into inventory levels, minimising overstocking, reducing the risk of mis-shipments and improving inventory accuracy.
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Scalability and Growth Support

Seamlessly scale operations and handle increased order volumes, contributing to long-term business growth and sustainability.

What’s Included with Descartes Peoplevox?

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Set up and Platform

Mobile Barcode Scanning

Drive efficiency by capturing information using barcodes. This can be done with a bluetooth scanner, built-in barcode scanner or the device camera.

Offline Mode

Every warehouse has WiFi black spots. Switching to offline mode prevents downtime due to WiFi dropouts.

Barcode Capture

Use the app to capture barcodes for items that have not yet been assigned one.

Configurable Workflows

Exact steps in each workflow can be toggled on or off to optimise the user experience, matching it to the business process requirements.

Inventory Management

Know the exact location, status and quantity of every inventory item.
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Warehouse Management

Adjust Inventory

Manually adjust stock in a location giving a reason why to account for errors outside of the system.

Quick Register

Register items quickly into locations by scanning the location and the item.

Inventory Count

Inventory count a specific location and compare counted items versus expected inventory levels. The process doesn’t impact warehouse operations and inventory counts can be prioritised based on last time location inventory count was completed.

Scan to Move

Move barcoded items to a new location by scanning the item or selecting all items in the location.

Scan to Remove

Remove products and include a removal reason like “damaged stock”.
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Pick, Pack and Dispatch

Failed Pick Management

View and handle failed actions on the web application. Check stock in location and adjust accordingly.

Failed Pick Re-Routing

Intelligently re-routes pickers to follow the fastest route after a failed action results in a new item location being added to their pick route.

Pick by Order

Pick one order at a time in the fastest route through the warehouse.

Unpick Items

Unpick items if they are damaged or an order is cancelled during picking and the item will be removed from the ‘Dispatch’.

Pick for Stores

Pick items ready to ship to your stores.
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Reports and Dashboards

Configurable Reports

Save custom combinations of filters and views of over 50 reports. Share them with other team members and download to CSV for further analysis.

Audit Trail

See an audit trail of every moment and action in your warehouse. Drill down into every user, transaction, time period and completely understand your inventory history in the event of any discrepancies.

Configurable Dashboards

Take a report and choose a dashboard component to represent the data you want to visualise. Custom dashboards can be accessed via a direct URL and shared across your whole company.

Order Event Tracking

Eliminate the black hole between orders being placed and shipped. Get a complete order history with every event tracked in one place. Know when an order is created, allocated, picked, shipped and returned. Drill down to details of who picked it, from which location and even the exact time.

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Streamlining operations and automating tasks


Real-time inventory tracking


Productivity reporting and dashboards

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