scalable wms for brightpearl?

Use Brightpearl’s advanced retail operations, inventory management and automation alongside Peoplevox’s powerful pick, pack and dispatch workflows. The most capable solution for ambitious, multi-channel retailers.

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What is the benefit?

Brightpearl is the #1 Retail Operating System. Use it to run your entire back-end operation from purchasing and forecasting to finances. Connecting Peoplevox drives increased fulfillment efficiency and super-powered picking and packing workflows into the warehouse.

How does the data flow?

Sales, dispatch, inventory, product and returns data pass between Brightpearl and Peoplevox via API integration. You can see this mapped out in the diagram to the left.

Who does the integration?

Currently, the majority of our shared customers work with for this integration. However, we are flexible. You can bring in your own team to work with our open API.

How much does it cost?

Brightpearl and Peoplevox are SaaS platforms with monthly subscription pricing models. The bigger your business and the more users you need, the more it will cost. Some of our middleware partners follow the same model, with a consistent monthly fee. Others charge based on order volume: the more data you process across the stack, the more they charge.

Most enterprise-ready solutions will also be subject to an implementation or set-up fee, ensuring you’re building the foundations for serious growth.

YouTube video

How does this partnership work?

Hear from Descartes’ Amandeep Bhatti and Brightpearl’s Harvey Greenwood. Discover more about the integrated solution that is powering ambitious, multi-channel retailers around the world.


ship orders faster

Ship more orders faster

Improve the efficiency of every warehouse worker. Offer later next-day cut offs and handle more volume with less people.


Bulletproof the basics

Barcode every location, scan every item and cut out packing mistakes. They should be 100% avoidable even for new staff.


Real-time inventory sync

Peoplevox + Brightpearl means your warehouse inventory, website and marketplace stock levels reflect each other in real time.

app offline mode

App offline mode

Peoplevox Android app saves data locally on the device. You can continue to pick offline with no disruption should the WiFi drop out in your warehouse.

retail ecommerce

Retail specific

Brightpearl integrations with Peoplevox are built for ecommerce. Other ERPs prioritise financial reporting and are too slow for modern businesses.

A true strategic alliance

This partnership has a 5+ year history and the use case is clear. Our teams are in constant contact to ensure ongoing business success for our clients.

References for proven success

The Brightpearl + Peoplevox clientbase is ever growing. We have some incredible success stories, like Natural Baby Shower, Beyond Retail and Biscuiteers.

Build your brand

Scalable fulfilllment drives better customer experience and increased brand loyalty.

Case Study: brightpearl integration with peoplevox

Natural Baby Shower have been long time Brightpearl users, and came to a stage of growth that required an upgrade to their warehouse operation. Connecting Peoplevox brought huge increases to productivity, accuracy and scalability as they moved into a new, larger warehouse.

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