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Deliver great shipping experiences: APAC’s highest rated shipping platform pairs with the WMS of choice for Australia and New Zealand’s most ambitious retailers.

starshipit integration to peoplevox wms


Peoplevox Starshipit connector
integrating wms to starshipit
What is the benefit?

Starshipit is the best rated Carrier Management Platform in APAC and supports 100s of retailers from start-up to enterprise in the region. We partner closely to ensure our shared customers are able to provide the best possible shipping experience to their shoppers.

How does the data flow?

Peoplevox pulls sales order details in from various ecommerce platforms and marketplaces. When the items have been picked and are ready to dispatch, Starshipit kicks into gear behind the scenes. Without leaving the Peoplevox application, scanning to dispatch an order triggers a two-way API call to Starshipit, and the correct shipping label for that order is returned and printed in seconds. The shipping number, carrier information and tracking details are also generated in Starshipit. This information is sent to the customer via the exchange of data between Peoplevox and your ecommerce platforms.

Who does the integration?

Starshipit built the integration into Peoplevox’s Shipping API and support this service.

How much does it cost?

Starshipit and Peoplevox are SaaS platforms with monthly subscription pricing models. Whilst the main factor that determines your monthly fee for Peoplevox is users, a carrier management solution such as Starshipit typically charges per shipment.

Most enterprise-ready solutions will also be subject to an implementation or set-up fee, ensuring you’re building the foundations for serious growth.

Print from a mobile device

Peoplevox’s mobile dispatch can print shipping labels through Starshipit API to a mobile printer.

Total Inventory Accuracy

Remove extra steps

Scanning the last item of an order prints the label for that order automatically.

track performance

Grow at will

Starshipit + Peoplevox is proven with our largest client shipping over 30,000 orders a day.

Re-sync address corrections

Keep your printing workflow when address issues occur by fixing in Starshipit and re-synchronising with Peoplevox.

Preferred partner

Starshipit’s track record of smooth launches and great service make them a standout partner of choice in Australia and New Zealand.

Easy to set up

Take a free trial and start testing and configuring your account. Starshipit is simple to learn and use from day one.

Immediate launch

Starshipit can be launched ahead of your WMS Go-Live if needed. This can make things easier as you make incremental improvements to your operation.

Dedicated account support

Both platforms offer 24/7 support, monitoring and a client success function.

YouTube video

peoplevox + starshipit case study: lorna jane

Lorna Jane are a global fitness brand with a complex, international logistics network. Implementing the combination of Peoplevox and Starshipit, as Ops Director Danny Hancock explains in this interview, was a turnkey moment for the business.