No More Returns Headache with Loop Returns + Descartes Peoplevox

Loop is the leading post-purchase platform optimizing returns, exchanges, and reverse logistics for 3,000 of the world’s most-loved brands. Their innovative solutions help brands unlock cost savings, increase customer lifetime value, and retain more revenue.

Loop and Descartes Peoplevox work together to connect the digital returns process to the warehouse to streamline reverse logistics operations and improve margins.

Peoplevox partners with Loop Returns
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Connecting your warehouse to your customers

This partnership empowers some of the most ambitious brands in the world to deliver their ideal post-purchase experiences. By connecting your Loop Returns platform with your Descartes Peoplevox warehouse management system, you will be removing unnecessary double-data entry, speeding up the handling of returned goods, and making your entire operation more efficient and profitable.

Premium Return Portal Experience

“Redefine the Return Journey”: Enhance your customer’s post-purchase experience with Loop’s premium return portal, designed to promote retention by making returns easy, engaging, and beneficial for your revenue. 


Foster Unwavering Customer Loyalty

“Nurture Loyalty, Not Costs”: Attracting new customers can be costly. Loop and Peoplevox both focus on satisfying and retaining your current customers by offering unmatched convenience and choices, converting satisfaction into loyalty. 

Elevate Revenue Retention

“Turn Returns into Opportunities”: Transform the end of a shopping journey into a new beginning. Loop leverages returns to encourage exchanges and repeat purchases, keeping your revenue stream active and growing.

Maximize Efficiency & Savings

“Streamline Your Success”: With Peoplevox and Loop, you can significantly reduce costs and uncover innovative savings at every point of the fulfillment process, boosting both efficiency and your bottom line. 

Pioneering Sustainable Returns

“Eco-Friendly, Customer Approved”: Loop is dedicated to pioneering a path toward more sustainable returns. It’s not just about doing what’s right for the planet—it’s also fulfilling your customers’ desires for responsible business practices. 


Seamless WMS Integration

“Harmonize Your Operations”: Loop’s integration with Descartes Peoplevox ensures smooth, real-time communication between systems, making returns management a breeze and keeping both platforms synchronized. 

Optimize Warehouse Efficiency

“Simplify Every Step”: Our seamless back-end experience minimizes manual tasks on the warehouse floor, streamlining operations and saving valuable time with automated updates and actions. 

Intelligent Returns Management

“Smart Solutions for Complex Returns”: Automatically flag returns that require additional attention—whether due to missing items or poor condition. Loop’s intelligent system ensures a swift, efficient resolution process for enhanced inventory control and customer satisfaction.

Partnership Success Story: Joelle Collection

This fast-growth Canadian fashion retailer has set itself up for the next phase of growth by deploying a truly scalable fulfillment model. Learn how the combination of Peoplevox and Loop helped Joelle Collection triple their order processing capacity and tighten their inventory control.


Using barcode scanners on the warehouse floor to manage our fulfillment, we can ship more orders while reducing errors. And because the Descartes solution integrates with Shopify to give us visibility into inventory levels, we enjoy peace of mind knowing the stock numbers between our storefront and warehouse operations are always in sync.

Our customers are happy because they receive the right order, on schedule, and they can track order status from the click of the online order to the package landing on their doorstep.

Isabelle Courchesne

Director of Operations, Joelle Collection