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Learning more about Peoplevox’s functionality

Product Update, WMS Explained

We’ve been producing short videos to explain the various features of Peoplevox for well over a year now. We send them out to clients regularly, and they’re designed to ensure widespread education of the entire Peoplevox WMS platform. As our customers grow, they develop in complexity, scale and operational requirements, so often the way they starting using Peoplevox on Day 1 is no longer the optimal way for their warehouse.

For example, they might only have been using one or two of the pick methods, or perhaps didn’t have the need to dispatch by mobile. Getting your first trolley can be a total gamechanger for how you run your pick actions! Or maybe, the early days were all about increasing accuracy and reducing misspicks, whereas now those are a thing of the past and it’s all about expanding to physical retail stores and having crystal clear, data-driven insights on their volume capability for a huge summer sale.

In any case, for the avid blog readers out there, here’s a quick recap of the latest of these WMS Unpacked videos, with a brief explanation into each of the functionalities detail in the video.

Single Item Batch Pick

This is super handy for processing large numbers of sales orders that each contain just one item in one go. Warehouse operatives can take any trolley, bin or receptacle on hand (doesn’t need discrete slots), and follow the fastest route around the warehouse to pick a high volume of ‘singles’. When it comes to dispatch, take one item off the trolley, scan it to print the required shipping label, package it up and off it goes with the courier.

single item batch pick detail

Watch the full video here.

Multi Item Batch Pick

If you have large trolleys, without needing to divide them into discrete totes/slots you can pick a large volume of items for multiple orders at once using this pick method. It’s the fastest way to collect all the items necessary for 5, 10 maybe even 20 different people’s orders. The reliance falls on the dispatch bench to sort the items into the right orders and package them.

multis trolleys

Watch the full video here.

Pick for Stores

If you have one or more physical store locations alongside your ecommerce offering, this method allows you to pick items required for a retail store replenishment. You can consolidate multiple ‘orders’ (requests for stock from the store) into one pick run, then dispatch those items off to the physical store.

pick for stores

Watch the full video here.

Auto Replenishment

You can use the ‘Auto-Replen’ function to send out actions to your operatives as soon as one or more locations in your warehouse drop below a certain quantity of an item, to replenish the location with new stock from Bulk. If you’re a higher volume ecommerce brand (upwards of 1000 orders a day), you might well stockout your entire pick face multiple times a day without replenishing between picks using this type of feature.

bulk and pick

Watch the full video here.

Receive Goods-In without Scan

If you have a strong, long-term relationship with certain suppliers, you can probably be confident they will be sending you accurate quantities of stock. If this is the case, Peoplevox allows you to adjust the number of an item received, without scanning every single item to count them up one by one. It’s a real time saver, and those all important items will be ready to sell all the sooner for it.

receive without scan

Watch the full video here.

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