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Partner Spotlight: Introducing fusefabric and the WMS Connect App

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One of a kind and first of their kind launches only come around every so often. And when the rocket is partner-lead, and the launchpad is a desire to deliver value to our ecosystem of customers, we really do take the opportunity to get excited!

So, introducing WMS Connect. This official Shopify App has been developed by our partners fusefabric and enables merchants to integrate Peoplevox with their Shopify store in one click. It’s a no-code set up, instead using dropdown menus, toggles and on-off buttons. The process is pretty fast and easy, and there’s no installation fee.

We sat down with Simon Hamblin, the Co-Founder of fusefabric, to learn more about this app: why they built it, what it can do, and who should be considering it as an option.

YouTube video

For more detailed information on what the app can do, specifics on the integration points, and some killer soundbites from the team, you can check out fusefabric’s full article about the release.

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