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Behind the Scenes on Black Friday

It's been another enormous year for Peak Season sales. The Peoplevox customer base are an incredibly varied collection of brands and retailers, who all approach this time of year in different ways. However, at some point, they will all experience their busiest days...

What is a WMS (Warehouse Management System)?

A WMS, or Warehouse Management System, is a software application or system that can manage and optimise warehouse operations. By controlling the movement and storage of items within a warehouse, a WMS can help businesses ensure their processes are as efficient and...

5 Warehouse KPIs you need to start tracking

If you were asked the question – ‘Have you had a good day in the warehouse?’ How would you begin to answer that? Tracking specific metrics for your warehouse KPIs is vital to keep a pulse check on how effective your operation is. It also helps if you’re under...

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What would a 35% productivity boost do for your warehouse?

Manage Peaks and Delight Customers at Scale with Descartes Peoplevox