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Behind the Scenes on Black Friday

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It’s been another enormous year for Peak Season sales. The Peoplevox customer base are an incredibly varied collection of brands and retailers, who all approach this time of year in different ways. However, at some point, they will all experience their busiest days and weeks of the year.

It’s at this time when their WMS is truly tested, and the work that goes in over the year to optimise processes and get everything as streamlined as possible comes under the microscope.

We’re pleased to report – Black Friday week saw over 2.1 million orders fulfilled through the Descartes Peoplevox platform! That’s over 4 million individual items picked, packed and shipped in the 40 countries Peoplevox is operational in.

We’ve had some amazing feedback so far over the Black Friday Cyber Monday trading window, and seeing the pictures and videos come in over social media has been a great joy to us all. It happens every year, but we still get a huge buzz from seeing our customers perform at their very best, when it matters most.

Here are some of the highlights from this Peak Sales Season 2023:


And finally… there’s only one way to celebrate hitting your week’s targets early:

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