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Learn more about Shiptheory, our latest addition to the partner ecosystem

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We’re really excited about our latest integration launch, with Shiptheory onboarding their first Descartes Peoplevox customers this summer. Since they’re a new face in our ecosystem, we thought we’d get to know them a little better with a quick interview. Here’s Shiptheory’s Head of Partnerships, Rita Jenkins, and Marketing Manager, Alex Lervy, chatting with Descartes’ own, Leo Connolly.

Q: Tell us about Shiptheory – where are you based, what do you offer, who are some of your big name clients? 

A: Shiptheory is a cloud based shipping management platform that connects online retailers to carriers, automatically booking shipments, printing labels, and returning tracking numbers within seconds. Automation is king. We help thousands of merchants ship 5-10x faster and save up to 7 hours on shipping per day. Shiptheory operates globally with 2 headquarters, one in Bristol, United Kingdom and Miami, United States.  

We are a product-driven platform with a customer-centric focus. We enable businesses of all sizes to scale their shipping operations and automate boring and repetitive tasks so they can focus on growing their business. Shiptheory is able to cater for a range of businesses, from marketplace sellers shipping around 50 shipments per month to enterprise operations shipping around 400k per month. The software is scalable and configurable to suit customer needs. 

We often get asked ‘what verticals can you work with?’, the answer is ‘Any!”. From coffee companies to healthcare brands, clothing brands to DIY companies, we do it all. One of the many household names we work with is ScrubDaddy. Starting off as a success on Shark Tank to now being the sole distributor for some of the largest supply companies in the world, we are so happy to be part of scaling Scrub Daddy’s Shipping Operations. We have also helped one of the first pet food subscription businesses PetShop.co.uk automate their shipping process, saving them the equivalent of £10,000 per year. 

Take a look at a bunch of Shiptheory Shipping Success Stories. 

Q: What are some of the key selling points of Shiptheory? Why do customers love you? 

A: Here at Shiptheory we genuinely love to get to know every single one of the merchants we work with. Each business gets a dedicated onboarding specialist and an account manager throughout their journey with us, and our response times are unmatched within the industry – averaging under 3 minutes! The level of support we offer really does set us aside from other shipping solutions and our customer reviews reflect this.  

Alongside this, we offer a range of direct integrations into over 90 global carriers and 60 ecommerce, marketplace, ERP and OMS solutions. These integrations are closely managed by our in-house development team with a consistent launch of new integrations each month.  

Shiptheory is configurable enough to set things up once and leave it running in the background. This mode is called the ‘set it and forget it mode’ which is extremely appealing to businesses who want to control things from another platform like Peoplevox and for labels to print out on demand. On the flip side, Shiptheory does have a user interface that can be used to manage shipments manually, produce handwritten notes and important international data, offset carbon footprint and much more.

Q: Tell us about the integration into Peoplevox? Why have you built it? What is the opportunity? 

A: Our mission aligns with Peoplevox as we both enable businesses to manage their fulfillment process faster and more efficiently. Both Shiptheory and Peoplevox focus on their customers and offer a bespoke service to each business.  
Any joint users using Shiptheory and Peoplevox can expect seamless onboarding and technical support throughout. The integration bridges gaps for businesses looking to save time on their picking, packing and shipping process. Customers who work with both of us can expect exceptional customer service with the best automation technology. 

Q: How does the integration work and how is it supported? 

A:  The integration can be set up within minutes. Any user can either do this themselves via their Shiptheory account or one of our onboarding agents will guide you through this. Shiptheory offers a free trial where you can test the connection to your Peoplevox account; https://shiptheory.com/register. Once created, just select Peoplevox from the list of sales channels available and then you can follow the steps to connect – see here. 
When you create a trial, our onboarding agents will contact you to see what you need a hand with. Feel free to give them a bell on +44 117 403 4313 or email [email protected]

Q: Where do we go if we want to learn more about Shiptheory?  

A: We offer a range of ways to learn about Shiptheory to ensure the solution is accessible for everyone. You can now sign up for a free trial from our main website; https://shiptheory.com
We offer live Platform Demos; Click Here To Book 
Watch pre-recorded Demo Here; Click Here for Platform Overview 
Read all about our Peoplevox Integration; Click Here for Integration Guide   

Everyone is invited to join the Shiptheory community on social media (Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram) to keep updated with our latest integrations and features. 

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