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Jewellery ecommerce warehouse playbook


Are you growing an 8 figure jewellery business?

We have compiled a resource for merchants looking to transform their fulfillment and make it a genuine competitive advantage.

We are only sharing this guide with brands who are serious about scaling their operations in 2021. Gain access and tell us about your mission.

I want to grow my jewellery business to 8 figures


"Peoplevox guided us through having a different process for our fulfillment, which suits much better to our business. It's how we do things - we listen to experts and adapt their advice to our operation"

Etienne Espenner, CEO and Co-Founder of Purelei



Free advice to help you break the market

We've helped brands scale to 100,000s orders per week at Peak without failing on the customer promise.



Picking with mobile devices

Yes you can get rid of paper, but what about staggered starts for your most popular items?


Pack bench hacks

Optimising the jobs your team to do get more orders out faster. Not everyone needs a device.


Scaling faster

How to batch items into jewellery orders and save time by automating key workflows.


Advice from Founders

We sat down with two customers, the founders of Jaxxon and PURELEI, to learn more about building an online jewellery brand