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Our WMS Implementation Steps

Your warehouse system is critical to your business' daily operation. Our Implementation process is designed to get you up and running as quickly and as efficiently as possible.
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Transform your Warehouse in Twelve Weeks

Transforming your warehouse is a serious undertaking not without some element of risk. We know that to achieve the results you expect, this change needs to be carefully planned and diligently managed. With a partner you trust. 


implement a new warehouse system


Peoplevox has developed a smarter, faster and more successful way to collaboratively work with our local and global Clients during their initial implementation.

We apply our proven implementation approach to your project and then tailor timeframes and delivery windows based on your priorities and feedback. 

Once you approve your project plan, we harness best-practice project management principles, expert process skills and deep Peoplevox system knowledge to advise, support and drive you to Go-Live. 

We quickly build momentum with your team and retain it with energetic engagement allowing you to balance transformation and business as usual commitments and maximise the return on your investment.

Enjoy Working with our Global Team of Experts

The Peoplevox implementation approach gives you privileged access to our multilingual team of experts who successfully managed 44 deployments in 2016. 

To ensure you get the most from your new system, we build your implementation team from our Prince 2 qualified project managers, Six Sigma certified process consultants and operations specialists who have on the ground experience of managing high volume warehouses using the Peoplevox WMS. 

To keep you on track, your project progress is actively reviewed weekly by our Head of Implementations and backed up by dedicated support from your named Technical Associate. 


What our clients say

'We've used Peoplevox WMS for over 5 years now. The system itself was a game changer for our operation and gave multiple quality, efficiency and cost saving benefits.'
Jon Vukmirovic, Warehouse Manager - Joseph Joseph

We have been using Peoplevox for nearly a year now and it has transformed the way in which we manage our warehouse. Our picking errors are down by over 80% and sending the wrong item has become a rare event. When I think back to the chaos before I shudder!
Trevor Ginn, Managing Director - Hello Baby

As our company grew, it was obvious our warehouse was hitting a bottle neck. Orders were going out late, mispicks, labour costs were through the roof, training new staff was difficult and deliveries would often sit unsold for days in a backlog of paperwork waiting to be keyed in to a computer terminal. Since implementing Peoplevox, all those problems have gone away.
Nick Jones, Managing Director - Blue Lagoon Products