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What is the benefit?

Metapack is the leading provider of ecommerce delivery management technology to enterprise retailers and brands. Connecting Peoplevox with Metapack opens the door to over 400 carriers and 5,500 delivery services, like Next Day, Click and Collect, Lock Boxes and International Delivery. If global growth and flexible customer experience are on your wish list, integrating Peoplevox and Metapack is a strong option.

How does the data flow?

Peoplevox pulls sales order details in from various ecommerce platforms and marketplaces. When the items have been picked and are ready to dispatch, Metapack kicks into gear behind the scenes. Without leaving the Peoplevox application, scanning to dispatch an order triggers a two-way API call to Metapack, and the correct shipping label for that order is returned and printed in seconds. The shipping number, carrier information and tracking details are also generated in Metapack. This information is sent to the customer via the exchange of data between Peoplevox and your ecommerce platforms.

Who does the integration?

Metapack built the integration into Peoplevox’s Shipping API and support this service.

How much does it cost?

Metapack and Peoplevox are SaaS platforms with monthly subscription pricing models. Whilst the main factor that determines your monthly fee for Peoplevox is users, a carrier management solution such as Metapack typically charges per shipment.

Most enterprise-ready solutions will also be subject to an implementation or set-up fee, ensuring you’re building the foundations for serious growth.

Print from a mobile device

Peoplevox’s mobile dispatch can print shipping labels through Metapack’s API to a mobile printer.

Remove extra steps

Scanning the last item of an order prints the label for that order automatically.

Scale your shipping

Adding pack stations and printers is straightforward whenever you need to add capacity.

Build your brand

Scalable fulfilllment drives better customer experience and increased brand loyalty.

Proven success

Fast Track 100 brands like In The Style, The Range and JustHype run this integration to ship 10,000s of orders daily.

High availability

Metapack offers best in class availability due to direct EDI usage.

track performance

Confidence at high volume

At peak, Metapack can process more than 62,000 transactions per second.

Dedicated account support

Both platforms offer 24/7 support, monitoring and a client success function.