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Peoplevox is the WMS of choice for NetSuite customers in the high volume ecommerce vertical. Adding an ecommerce specific warehouse solution to your ERP increases your fulfillment capability and safeguards your customer experience as you scale.

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What is the benefit?

NetSuite is a powerful solution for larger retailers and can be used to manage almost every aspect of your operation. However, it’s not built for the dynamic and fast-paced ecommerce fulfillment industry. Peoplevox can be integrated to operate as a warehouse management system, focussed solely on pick, pack and dispatch, whilst NetSuite continues to give you full operational and financial control.

How does the data flow?

NetSuite’s native API is used to connect to our API for the following transactions:

  • Purchase order export
  • Goods in note import – reconciliation of what is received against the PO
  • Inventory transactions
  • Sales order export
  • Dispatch / shipment import with tracking details from parcel carriers
Who does the integration?

The majority of our NetSuite + Peoplevox customers are using an integration built and maintained by RSM/FHL. It is an official SuiteApp on the NetSuite marketplace. Other options and providers are available, such as Patchworks.

How much does it cost?

Due to it’s scale and capability as a full ERP, NetSuite will come with a full professional services, implementation and consultancy package geared towards enterprise retailers.

How does a WMS integrate into an ERP like NetSuite?

We fit in by influencing our area of speciality: fulfillment for ecommerce. Anything NetSuite handles that is tied to the warehouse, Peoplevox is implemented to upgrade: from purchase orders being created through to order shipment and returns. It works to ensure accuracy and speed across all processes. Everything is recorded, everything is accountable, everything is reliable.

We know that the end to end experience you’re able to provide to your customers is crucial. Putting the right systems in means no possibility of overselling, no room for human error, and no reason for any warehouse processes to lead to late, inaccurate or cancelled orders.

Enterprise functionality meets ecommerce agility

ship orders faster

Ship more orders faster

Stop wasting time with manual processes like paper picking or clunky mobile browser apps. Offer later next-day cut offs and handle more volume with less people.


Bulletproof the basics

Barcode every location, scan every item and cut out packing mistakes. They should be 100% avoidable even for new staff.


Real time inventory sync

Peoplevox + NetSuite means your warehouse inventory and website stock levels reflect each other in real time.

Build your brand

Scalable fulfillment drives better customer experience and increased brand loyalty.

Why peoplevox is the best wms for netsuite?

“We knew, despite putting in NetSuite to replace our legacy ERP, that we would definitely not be using the NetSuite WMS. It just wouldn’t be adequate for what we needed to do. We knew you guys had been a partner of NetSuite for a very long time, so it seemed like a natural fit.”

Jason Greenwood, Director of Ecommerce 

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