wms connect – shopify app for peoplevox

Instant WMS Integration between Peoplevox and Shopify. WMS Connect is built and operated by fusefabric, a full service Shopify integration agency.

WMS Connect Peoplevox and Shopify - fusefabric

100% would recommend using this app. Helped us navigate through a busy peak period and automated several aspects of fulfillment/returns for our ecommerce business. The team are super helpful and on hand to facilitate any urgent requirements.

Jay Parker

CEO, Gym King

WMS Connect have been fantastic. They helped us integrate our new warehousing system to Shopify. The team are always available for support with any issues. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to integrate systems efficiently with no corners cut.

Kieran Riddell-Austin

Director, Montirex

The team at FuseFabric have been exceptional. They assisted us to integrate Peoplevox to Shopify. The team have been extremely helpful and are always available for support, in some instances building upgrades for our niche requirements. I would highly recommend them to anyone.


We use Peoplevox for our warehouse and Shopify for our web store, WMS helped us get the mapping right between the two. Their support is outstanding and they provide quick help when you need it. I would recommend WMS Connect if you are looking for a smooth integration for your WMS.

No Label

Industry best practice

WMS Connect was built by experts from the industry in consultation with the Peoplevox product team to standardise the process of connecting Peoplevox with Shopify. It is the only approved Shopify app to offer this functionality.


Sync all key data points

Merchants can enable instant integration of product and price information, sales orders, dispatches, inventory and returns between Peoplevox and Shopify.

Easy to set up

Simple drop-down menus and settings allow brands to configure their integration to meet their needs – whether that is mapping carriers or updating products. The whole process can be done in minutes.

ship orders faster

Built for high performance

Grow with total confidence. The app is designed to keep pace with your business, especially at high volumes. It is secure, stable and scalable with each user provided with their own cloud-based environment.

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Fusefabric are Shopify’s Go-To integration partner when it comes to enterprise accounts. Alongside WMS Connect, they offer solutions for complex business requirements involving ERP, inventory and order management tools, BI and more.

“We’re delighted to be in working collaboration with Peoplevox on the only Shopify approved App that provides instant integrations between Shopify and Peoplevox. With our enterprise approach to integration, connecting top tier systems of Shopify and Peoplevox – it’s a scalable and affordable solution for all Peoplevox clients with Shopify stores.”

Simon Hamblin, Co-Founder, fusefabric