Shipmate – Powerful Shipping and Tracking for Peoplevox

Shipmate links seamlessly into Descartes Peoplevox and brings all your UK and Ireland carrier integrations into one place. Benefit from powerful routing and shipment management features, and provide a branded tracking experience for your customers. 

Shipmate Peoplevox Integration

“Our transition to Shipmate away from our previous supplier has been seamless and fuss-free thanks to their excellent support and hand-holding during onboarding and set up. Under a tight deadline, we’ve been able to continue using Peoplevox WMS for our warehouse operations with no disruption to customer service and we’re now printing shipping labels faster than ever, with reduced costs, using a far superior delivery management platform.” 

Edd Hamp, Commercial Operations Manager, Ohh Deer

Seamless Integration

Shipmate integrates directly with the dispatch process in Peoplevox – labels are printed and tracking numbers stored within seconds of dispatching each Sales Order. 

Total Inventory Accuracy

Powerful Automated Routing

Routing Rules can be configured with a wide range of criteria to choose the most appropriate delivery service automatically. The right label for every parcel, every time.  

track performance

Customer Order Tracking

Improve customer satisfaction and minimise “where’s my order?” enquiries with your own branded tracking portal, included with your Shipmate subscription. 

UK Technical Support

Email, callback and screen share support is available when you are – so we won’t hold you back fulfilling your orders. We keep all carrier integrations up to date so you can focus on growing your business. 

International Shipping Compliance

Shipmate provides many international carrier integrations and uses customs data held in Peoplevox to generate CN22/CN23 customs declarations, supply electronic trade documentation and supports DDP and DAP/DDU trade.  

Shipment Management Portal

The Shipmate web portal is your window into the status of all your shipments, bringing all your carriers into one place. Ideal for assisting your customers and managing carrier relationships, Shipmate fits in with your daily routine. 


Failed Delivery Alerts

Shipmate brings problematic and late deliveries to your attention using Delivery Alerts. Delivery Alerts help you provide a more proactive customer service by resolving problems with carriers and customers as soon as they occur. 

Improve Your Reviews

Modern, User-Centric Platform

Shipmate uses a contemporary, user-centric design that helps you find the information you need quickly. We are continually updating the platform in response to customer feedback to further simplify your shipping.

“By partnering with Peoplevox, together we are now able to provide mid-scale merchants with an ideal dispatch management environment. This partnership brings together the comprehensive range of carriers and delivery services we provide at Shipmate, managed by our powerful delivery routing and decision making, backed by the flexible warehouse management and dispatch workflow Peoplevox provides.

“Our focus on the UK and Ireland market means we understand the challenges our collective customers face and are able to provide all the necessary carrier integrations, alongside UK hours technical support and on-boarding advice.”

Antony Stevenson, Managing Director – Shipmate

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What is the benefit?

Shipmate is a shipping automation platform that works with all major UK and Ireland carriers, booking shipments, generating labels, and obtaining tracking details. 

Ship directly from the Peoplevox dispatch screen and benefit from all the carrier integrations, powerful routing and shipping management features Shipmate provides. 

Being UK based, we are working when you are, with our renowned customer service and support available to help keep you shipping smoothly.

How does the data flow?

Peoplevox pulls sales order details in from various ecommerce platforms and marketplaces. When the items have been picked and are ready to dispatch, Shipmate kicks into gear behind the scenes. Without leaving the Peoplevox application, scanning to dispatch an order triggers a two-way API call to Shipmate, and the correct shipping label for that order is returned and printed in seconds. The shipping number, carrier information and tracking details are also generated in Shipmate. This information is sent to the customer via the exchange of data between Peoplevox and your ecommerce platforms. 

Who does the integration?

Shipmate built the integration into Peoplevox’s shipping API and support it themselves.

How much does it cost?

Both products are SaaS-based platforms with monthly subscription pricing models. Whilst the main factor that determines your monthly fee for Peoplevox is users, a carrier management solution such as Shipmate a monthly fee which is dependent on shipment volumes. Shipmate offers monthly rolling and annual contracts, with pricing to suit merchants of all sizes.