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Software & expertise built for e-commerce

We combine our e-commerce expertise with our market leading software to give you the strongest platform for growth. 


An introduction to Peoplevox

peoplevox wms


We'll help you configure the system to ensure you run as smoothly as possible.


High-speed integrations

Make every second count. Our high-speed integrations help you get orders out the door even faster.


Advanced Reporting

Track your progress and inventory levels to inform better buying decisions.


Scalable solutions

Whether you're starting with one warehouse or multiple. Our software can be scaled up easily.


Have full control of your warehouse

Our configurable web platform allows you to have full control over how your warehouse is setup.
We give you the ability to setup your system like an enterprise platform without the developers. 
peoplevox warehouse software

Track orders through your warehouse

See the full history of every item sent out the warehouse from your desk.
sales orders tracking
mobile picking

Affordable Hardware

Use cheap affordable and replaceable hardware to run our WMS.


Fast Fulfilment

Pick, pack and ship as fast as the best with our best practice e-commerce processes.


Easy to learn

Train new staff members in minutes rather than hours with the intuitive Android interface.


Paperless Processes

Remove the paper from your warehouse operation. Save money and avoid errors.

"The system its self was a game changer for our operation and gave multiple quality, efficiency and cost saving benefits."

What gets measured, gets managed.

 Utilise our powerful reporting features and custom dashboards to track your progress and improve your processes.


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