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Take Linnworks mobile with Peoplevox WMS

You can have it all. Linnworks for the business upfront, Peoplevox for the party in your warehouse.

Speak to us about combining Peoplevox warehouse management with Linnworks 

linnworks wms ecommerce

Marketplace & sales channel integrations

Linnworks provides a hub for your business, handing e-commerce platform and marketplace integration.


Sync inventory to every sales channel

Confirm every Linnworks sales order as fulfillable and stop letting sales slip away.


Increase your fulfillment capacity

Reduce travel time to increase your picking capacity and get your orders out on time.

Amazon-Seller-Fulfilled-Prime WMS

Meet your customer service levels

Treat every customer like a Seller Fulfilled Prime one by shipping on time.


The Hannah Montana of e-commerce tech stacks

The best of both worlds for multi-channel retailers. 

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Linnworks warehouse management system-1

Above: Example of a technology stack using Peoplevox as a Linnworks warehouse management system.

Complete visibility on your fulfillment

Align your warehouse operators behind your customer promises to get more done.


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