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Q&A with HighCohesion – Our latest partnership launch

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We caught up with the team at HighCohesion to introduce themselves as our latest partners in the UK. They provide an integration platform for ecommerce brands, and, through their sister company Ecommerce Thinking, also offer ecommerce technology programmes and consultancy.

Leo from Peoplevox: It’s always a massive pleasure to bring on new partners who can bring extra value and offer something new to our current and future customers, so welcome aboard! Can you tell our audience a bit about yourselves – who are you, and what’s HighCohesion all about? What do you care about?

Aran from HighCohesion: It’s a pleasure to be on board – we’re really excited about this partnership!

We’re HighCohesion and we’re obsessed with automating ecommerce. Our SaaS platform enables high-growth brands to meet the demand they’re so good at creating. We send data between some of the most widely used ecommerce back-office systems ensuring information is made available exactly where it needs to be automatically, instantly and accurately.

Our team is passionate about data and the potential it has to turbocharge the growth of brands that do it right. We believe in putting flexible, powerful tools in the hands of those closest to an integration challenge so they can solve it themselves – be that developers, operations teams, agencies or vendors.

HighCohesion was started in London in 2019 and we’re now an ever-growing team based remotely all over Europe.

You’ve been operating for just a few years, but already I know you have an impressive clientele. Who do you work with currently, and what are the kinds of merchants you’re looking to work with moving forward? Any specific verticals/industries you’re passionate about?

We typically work with high-growth, relatively young brands, including Pure Electric, Grenade, Snug Sofas and Toteme to name just a few. Our merchants have typically outgrown app store solutions and need something that handles some complexity and volume with ease. Our platform is built to work seamlessly with other providers who cater to this segment of the market, like Descartes Peoplevox.

When we talk about complexity, we normally mean things like subscription box businesses with constantly changing products, businesses that offer customisable products (like Snug Sofas) and, very commonly, businesses that operate stores online and physically in multiple locations and countries.

When it comes to Peoplevox and Shopify, how do you see those systems working together, and why have you built out an integration? What are the benefits of working with HighCohesion as a Shopify & Peoplevox user?

As high-growth brands move to Shopify or Shopify plus and start to see higher volumes of sales, especially during peak periods, we see Peoplevox as a market-leading WMS solution. Matching the breadth of requirements that a Shopify store presents, with the powerful capabilities of Peoplevox, requires an integration solution that is simultaneously flexible, fast and accurate. In simple terms, we make sure that orders reach the warehouse, inventory stays in sync and customers have their order updates as soon as they’re available – no matter the demand. No ifs, no buts.

What then makes us stand out is that we make the data passing between the two systems accessible in our online dashboard where you can see transactions and shipments and inventory and product updates all happening in real-time. On top of this, what our users really love is that they can get hands-on with this data through real-time error alerting, tools to fix those errors and then the ability to resend that corrected data to where it needs to be. You also can modify integrations online without the need to always get a developer involved.

For the merchant, this means fewer errors, quicker time to market of new products, services and offers and the chance to regain control of their data and transform it from a headache into an asset.

Your website mentions not just scalable technology for back-end operations, but also creating better customer experiences thanks to that tech. What do you mean by that? How can an integration platform affect what the end customer experiences when they shop with one of your merchants?

At the end of the day, so much of the customer experience relies on accurate data being readily available… Imagine that it’s Black Friday and your warehouse can’t sync inventory to your website quick enough because your integration isn’t up to scratch. You’ve got customers who are buying products that have sold out minutes or hours earlier and you’re scrambling to manually update stock or mark products as out of stock.

You then have a massive backlog of orders that can’t be fulfillled because the stock doesn’t exist and those customers are disappointed customers as they’ve paid for something that can’t be delivered. They’ve had a bad experience. For a young brand with a lot of first-time customers, a bad experience usually means a lost customer for life.

Now, flip that scenario on its head into a world where you’re selling what you know can deliver because your integrations are keeping up with the pace of sales. You’ve then got customers having a great experience with a brand. Do that during BFCM where shopping at a competitor is problematic at best and downright stressful at worst and you’ve won a customer for life.

Awesome stuff. Anything else you want the people to know? How do they get started or get in touch?

If you’re a merchant that’s considering using Peoplevox and you’re already on Shopify (or about to be), then get in touch! Right now we’re offering to set up Peoplevox with Shopify integrations totally free (providing you fit our criteria). The first step is to get on a free 15-minute consultation call with us where we’ll get to know your business a bit better. Head to https://www.highcohesion.com/integration/peoplevox-with-shopify and book the call – we can’t wait to show you around.

Thank you!

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