The 10x Model for Scaling Operations with Descartes Peoplevox WMS for Ecommerce

Match your ambition with your fulfillment model.

Bad fulfillment experiences hurt brands trying to grow. Take human error, manual processes and needless steps out the picture, and put in a WMS proven to handle 10x growth.
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Every order on time

Ship every order on time, especially for the biggest events on the calendar.

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Get better reviews

Get the right item to every customer and benefit from positive feedback.


Total inventory accuracy

Confirm every order between the website and the warehouse.


Ahead of the game

Track productivity and use data to scale up effectively when needed.


Customer experience starts behind the scenes

Growth is not linear. Your core team needs a built in buffer to handle up and down weeks. Then when you drop new products, build hype and run launches, that warehouse needs to flex up.

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Know what is going on in the warehouse

Align your warehouse operators behind your customer promises to get more done.


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mobile picking

Affordable hardware

Use affordable and replaceable hardware to run our WMS.


Faster fulfillment

Pick, pack and ship as fast as the best with our best practice e-commerce processes.


Easy to learn

Train new staff members in minutes rather than hours with the intuitive Android interface.


Paperless processes

Remove the paper from your warehouse operation. Save money and avoid errors.

"We need to position ourselves to keep growing as a company. We've now got 8 pack stations, each of which can do around 1000 orders a day. "