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The Enterprise WMS for Brightpearl users

Transform your ability to keep up with customer demand with warehouse management and retail operations hand in hand.

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brightpearl warehouse


Lightning-fast mobile app

Leave mobile browsers that load too slowly and WiFi dropouts behind.


Sync inventory to every sales channel

Cancel zero sales orders due to out of stocks with real-time inventory sync to Brightpearl from your WMS.


Scalable shipping connections

Print shipping labels on-demand and at scale.

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Preferred partner

Brightpearl is a preferred Peoplevox partner thanks to the shared focus on helping high-growth retailers.


Complexity made simple

The best of both worlds for multi-channel retailers. 

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Above: Example of a technology stack using Peoplevox as your warehouse management system connected to Brightpearl.

What is Brightpearl?

Brightpearl is a retail management system. Traditional retail systems have started life as a POS and built back-office solutions. Brightpearl built an operational core that has always included multiple sales channels and is natively software-as-a-service. It is proficient at accounting but offers so much more. This is different from a financials focused ERPs like NetSuite.