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Introducing Advanced Allocation

Product Update

Welcome back to the product blog. We’ve got an announcement: A new feature has just been released as a Beta on Peoplevox. It’s called Advanced Allocation, and at its core will allow users a greater flexibility in the way items for orders are allocated ahead of creating picking actions.

What does it do?

Users can control which sections of the warehouse are allocated to pick actions first. Important to note, this doesn’t affect the pick route itself, only the allocation.

Use Cases:

If you have multiple people out in the warehouse picking, but don’t want them to get into each others’ way, or for any other reason you want to spread picking activity out, you can create an action within a set zone or across a combination of zones for each pick run.

Equally, if you wanted to cut out an entire section of your warehouse and stop any pickers going there (maybe the lights have stopped working, there’s been a spill, or it’s just too far away), you can exclude zones from the action using this feature as well.

If you have lots of items that have been returned, and wanted to prioritize picking those items for new orders that come in, you can prioritze your allocation to the returns area, even if it isn’t the pre-assigned ‘start’ of your picking sequence.

How do I set it up?

Check out the video below for the steps within Peoplevox to tailor this feature to your warehouse.

YouTube video


How do I access?

Email your CS manager or raise a ticket with the Support Desk.

Happy allocating!

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