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Grow your Shopify Store

A Warehouse Management System that's as easy to scale as your Shopify store.

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Grow your Shopify store with confidence

You've invested in Shopify; it's a powerful front-end solution that will provide you with support as your business grows. Peoplevox's Warehouse Management System (WMS) is the perfect complement. It's a Shopify app that looks after your back-end, ensuring that your fulfilment processes work perfectly and scale with ease.  

easily deployed system

Easily configurable

Part of Shopify's success lies in how easy it is for anyone to use their platofrm. You don't need to have any technical knowledge, you don't need to know how to code; you get the product off the shelf and it works. Similarly, Peoplevox's WMS is a Shopify app that requires no technical input from your side to integrate. Easy. 

paperless stock control

Improves pick, pack, despatch

Peoplevox’s solution improves the way your warehouse works. It increases efficiencies, guarantees accurate inventories and speeds up all fulfilment operations through the intelligent management of all processes, from goods-in through to despatch.

eliminate overselling system

Eliminate overselling

Peoplevox's WMS deals with real-time inventory figures, meaning that the stock figures you see will always reflect the inventory that's actually in your warehouse.

No more overselling, no more human error, no more costly mistakes.

How the integration works

shopify warehouse management system



This flowchart shows all of the points of contact that Shopify and Peoplevox have with each other.

To help the integration work as powerfully as possible, we use Patchworks. It works as a platform through which Shopify and Peoplevox can seamlessly communicate with each other.

Any updates about inventory levels are automatically communicated between platforms. This ensures that all of your sales channels, and your warehouse, always work from accurate inventory figures. 

Get in touch to talk about how Peoplevox can support your Shopify store. 

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to implement your system?

We aim to have implementations completed within 12 weeks. We can go a little bit quicker if need be but we prefer not to cut any corners when it comes to implementing a solid warehouse system.

How much does it cost?

Because Peoplevox is a modular system based on user licenses and size of business it really depends on your setup. We generally start our pricing around £800 per month. AS you grow and require more licenses the cost can increase, and similarly, if you need to scale down we can add and remove licenses/modules very quickly.

How does support work?

We have a completely remote support team who provide an around the clock service to ensure there is always someone ready to answer your questions. We using Zendesk as our ticketing system and we support businesses all around the globe.

Is my business too small for a WMS?

Does it need any development on the shopify side?

Our integration requires no development or installation on the Shopify back-end, just API access. You'll have zero interruption to your Shopify developer team's workload.

Are you a developer? Get in touch for any questions about our API.