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Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Showpo. So when they experienced warehouse chaos that resulted in customer complaints, they knew that they needed to improve the way that their warehouse operated, in order to keep their reputation in-tact. They needed a solution that would be able to handle the 3,000+ orders per day that they were processing.

The Background

Showpo is one of Australia’s fastest growing online retailers.  Jane Lu established Showpo in September 2010 from her parent’s garage in Sydney. Showpo began as traditional brick-and-mortar storefronts but in 2013 went ‘all in’ on ecommerce, using social media to drive growth. Showpo’s 50 percent year-over-year growth and an international footprint that accounts for nearly a third of its business presented them with customer service challenges.

In 2018 Showpo discovered they were struggling with the customer service they could provide. They were experiencing a micro crisis that eventually snowballed into a very large customer service problem. Over the Easter sales period they didn’t resource adequately and had a glitch in their coupon code. This caused chaos in the warehouse, resulting in orders that were not getting out in time, and there were delays processing returns. This caused serious backlash on social media that threatened Showpo’s reputation.

“We decided to work with Peoplevox because the Android app was easy to use and they have a platform that can support our growth plans.”
Danny Effendi

Operations Manager, Showpo

The Brief

Showpo approached Peoplevox to address their warehouse chaos, keep their customers satisfied and ultimately preserve their positive reputation.

Showpo relied on a third-party logistics provider (3PL) in Sydney, and a 3PL in LA for US orders. It all functioned well, but they were seeking more control over their supply chain, particularly on fulfilllment.

Showpo wanted a solution that they could implement in 3-months that would work alongside their existing technology stack: Magento 1.X, Starshipit and Seko OMNI for global returns. They also wanted a solution that would enable Showpo to go completely paperless.

The Solution

Working with our consultants, and implementing a new customer service model with Zendesk, Showpo brought their ecommerce fulfilllment in-house from a 3PL in order to address their warehousing challenges. Showpo’s top priority was to remove the pressure that was being put on its customer service team. This was solved by ensuring orders were sent out on time and returns were processed accurately, to increase the speed goods move through the warehouse, and to ensure 100% inventory accuracy at all times.

Working remotely with our expert implementation team, Showpo implemented Peoplevox’s Warehouse Management System. Within 5 weeks they brought their ecommerce fulfilllment in-house from a 3PL and took complete control of their customer experience.

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The Results

After implementing the specialist WMS, Showpo have solved their customer service problems and are now thriving in the ecommerce space. As a result of Peoplevox’s Warehouse Management System Showpo have:

  • Increased their service offering
  • Extended next-day shipping to 11 pm for Sydney
  • Won ‘Technology Champion’ at the ORIAS, The Online Retailer awards event hosted in Sydney, Australia in July 2019

“We now cover Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide with our new On Demand same day service. We also pick orders until 11pm for customers in those cities, and deliver on Saturdays for Sydney and Melbourne customers. Not bad for a 6 month old warehouse! Thanks to all that helped.”

Paul Waddy
Operations Director