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Shopify Warehouse Management System | DESCARTES PEOPLEVOX

Underperforming warehouse = Bottleneck.
High performance fulfillment = Growth.

We're proud to deliver warehouse transformation projects with high growth Shopify merchants. Speak to an e-commerce solutions specialist today to learn more about how these brands tackle fulfillment and customer experience.

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shopify plus wms

shopify fulfilment


Ship orders faster

Stop wasting time on bad processes, offer later next-day cut-offs and handle more volume with less people.

barcode scanning

Bulletproof the basics

Barcode every location, scan every item and cut out packing mistakes. They should be 100% avoidable even for new staff.


Accurate inventory - stop oversells

Peoplevox connects to Shopify to make sure warehouse stock and website stock are matched up in real time.


Customer experience

A scalable fulfillment model is the foundation for a growing brand with a loyal following.

How well do you perform at Peak?

Growth is not linear for ambitious brands. The strain on your fulfillment isn't either. The 10X Model creates a buffer in your core team to handle surges and enables you to Flex Up for launches, drops and sale periods.


How we improved our picking accuracy and delivered a better customer experience ☺️ ##ecommerce ##australia ##businesstiktok ##ecommtips

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"Where is my order?" = Opportunity to impress your customer

Not having any visibility on your fulfillment activity is a real issue. How can you guarantee you are delivering on your customer promise? Align your warehouse operators behind data, a clearer mission and building your brand one order at a time.



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