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The warehouse management system for Shopify brands with ambition.

We're proud to deliver Shopify warehouse transformation projects for high growth merchants. Speak to an e-commerce solutions specialist today to learn more about how these brands tackle fulfillment and customer experience.

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Ship orders faster

Stop wasting time on bad processes, offer later next-day cut-offs and handle more volume with less people.

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Bulletproof the basics

Barcode every location, scan every item and cut out packing mistakes. They should be 100% avoidable even for new staff.


Accurate inventory - stop oversells

Peoplevox + Shopify Plus Inventory Management means your warehouse and your website reflect each other in real time.


Customer experience

A scalable fulfillment model is the foundation for a growing brand with a loyal following.

How well does your Shopify warehouse perform at Peak?

Growth is not linear for ambitious brands. The strain on your fulfillment isn't either. The 10X Model creates a buffer in your core team to handle surges and enables you to Flex Up for launches, drops and sale periods. Just check out this post from Reiss, CEO at Shopify brand AYBL. This is what we are all about. Exciting brands exploding, at scale, without the chaos. And the numbers to back it up!

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Handle surges in demand

Don't let fulfillment be the thing holding back your growth. The highest performing brands in the Shopify Plus community drive revenue through reputation and run a scalable  Shopify warehouse management system to back it up.

"Where is my order?" = Opportunity to impress your customer

Not having any visibility on your fulfillment activity is a real issue. How can you guarantee you are delivering on your customer promise? Align your warehouse operators behind data, a clearer mission and building your brand one order at a time with an ecommerce warehouse management system for Shopify.



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