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Peoplevox Updates

The first release of Pick by Zone is now available

Harry Peek
  • 24 September 2019
  • 4 min read


I'm delighted to introduce a major new feature for Peoplevox with the first release of a new pick method, pick by zone.  

Zone picking divides the locations in your warehouse into pick zones and directs pickers to service individual zones rather than walk the length of the whole warehouse to pick items.

By having many pickers do shorter tasks at the same time, you can save wasted walking time and get orders out of the door faster.

This is just the first release of this feature and there's lots more to come, see below for more details.

before zone picking PNGPIX-COM-Arrow-Transparent-PNG-Image-3.png  zone picking
Before: Long picking routes throughout the whole warehouse to pick distributed items   After: Multiple pickers make short, fast journeys to dedicated zones


September Launch Use Cases

This first launch is aimed at the following use cases, multi-item orders with sort are coming soon, see below.

  1. Single item orders
    If you process a lot of single item orders from all corners of your warehouse Zone Picking can reduce walking and reduce picking time

  2. Multi-item orders with separate despatch
    In this scenario, you despatch each item from an order separately, usually because of their size and weight

  3. Multiple people pick 1 order by zones
    Useful if you have very large orders where it would be more efficient to have a number of people picking items based on their location and then collating them at despatch

  4. Multi-item orders with informal sort at despatch
    A number of our customers already follow a process where the main items are picked as normal and then accessories or popular smaller items are grouped with them as part of the despatch process. This can work well where there are repeated patterns and the team are familiar enough with the products that sorting them is quick and easy

Proven results to date

Rep Fitness started using a beta version In April. Since then they have been able to speed up picking considerably by reducing walking time for pickers and consolidating items needing special equipment into zones.

With large, heavy items needing dedicated equipment to pick, pickers working in those zones can pick continuously with forklifts and other equipment and significantly increase the overall pick rate compared to a single picker trying to pick over the whole warehouse.

zone picking results

Improvement in pick rate (items per hour)
  1. Daily picking time has reduced from taking all day to being completed in 2 hours
  2. It has enabled more structured working days - As well as getting orders out faster each day the time saved has helped to enable the team to implement a more structured approach to replenishment and put-away with dedicated time in the morning for those tasks before they start picking

Pick By Zone is supporting Rep Fitness’ growth by allowing them to get orders out faster than ever before and enabling them to dedicate more time for stock control tasks in the warehouse.

Coming Soon

We are planning the second launch now and already have customers beta testing the next stage. The next release will be primarily focused on multi-item orders which will be packed and shipped together, to support this we are introducing a sortation process to follow picking. This will allow the items picked from different pick zones to be collated into complete orders and then passed on for packing and despatch.


  1. Find out more about how it works from the feature documentation
  2. Request access by submitting a request

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