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What does an e-commerce warehouse look like on Black Friday?

Leo Connolly
  • 03 December 2019
  • 3 min read

We go behind the scenes across the busiest weekend in e-commerce to check out what our clients have been sharing. For those of you hoping for carnage, chaos, flaming piles of disaster, we're sorry to disappoint...


As a collection of some of the most unique and standout brands in fashion, retail and beyond, many of our clients have HUGE social followings and use platforms like IG and Facebook as their number one marketing tool.


With their eye for a great video or picture, and over the busiest weekend of the year for e-commerce, it’s no surprise then that a number of our favourite warehouses were pumping out the content and sharing some behind the scenes looks at their fulfilment operations.


Check out our highlights from the weekend with our software in action:






The Lazy CEO herself showing us how she gets it done. We love the energy here even on the busiest weekend of the year. Picking, packing races, despatch, this story has it all. What a way to demo the Peoplevox system at its best! The Hi Vis Pink jackets are a serious look too.




Jamie Kay:




It might be a moody black and white shot, but Jamie Kay were as cheerful as ever over the weekend, sharing this overview of the warehouse, pumping the orders out with calm confidence. Thanks for the tag, as well. ;)



Missy Empire:


missyempire clip


We’re just as proud of the guys at Missy Empire are as they are of themselves. The volume here is unbelievable, and those pink packages on the conveyor belt are just one of many ways this brand continue to push their unique brand identity.




If you’re inspired by some of the scenes on show here, or if your warehouse wasn’t looking quite as under control this weekend, download our Buyers Guide or request a video consultation. 


And of course: https://www.instagram.com/peoplevoxwms/ for much more like this!

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