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Web Fulfilment Success Story: CraftyArts.co.uk

WRITTEN BY Jonathan Bellwood /

27 September 2013

 CraftyArts.co.ukRomford, Essex, B2C & B2B, 1-15 Employees, eCommerce & retail

About the company

If you are looking to be creative and express your artistic flair then CraftArts is your destination. Established in 1991 and selling online from 2000, they are one of the UK's leading Arts & Crafts retailers in the United Kingdom. They pride themselves on their range of products and are a popular one-stop-shop for schools, Universities and Art Colleges as a result. Their traditional retail store is based in one of the UK’s largest shopping centres ‘Bluewater shopping centre’ and their web fulfilment is done through their eCommerce warehouse in Essex.

Before Peoplevox

>> While they had taken numerous measures (double-checking orders, fixed stock locations, loyal staff that know the stock) the order picking accuracy became difficult due to the volume of orders and similarity between products, there were always errors in their web fulfilment. Their propensity to create error resulted in speed being a compromise against order picking accuracy.

>> Crafty Arts was spending a lot of time and effort trying to find stock for web fulfilment. They had tried to keep stock in a fixed location but this made life difficult when seasonal lines were delivered. They knew they needed a way to be flexible with where they store stock whilst being able to find it in quickly in the warehouse.

>> They quickly became aware that whilst throwing people at the problem didn't fix it, it can hide it away. They used more and more staff to deal with their peak trading period at Christmas. Eventually, they started to reach their limit for getting orders out in a day as overtime can't be all the time.

Results after 12 months with Peoplevox

How did Peoplevox help?

>> Craft Arts used the PeopleVox eCommerce order picking software for their web fulfilment because it enabled them to barcode scan what they are picking against their customer's website order. This guaranteed that the right items were being picked which eliminated the need for a double-check and sped up their packing as a result.

>> Using barcode labelling to track stock between locations, Crafty Arts was able to find the exact location of every item on a website order instantly and go straight to it.

>> By implementing pick routing in PeopleVox, Crafty Arts was able to pick multiple line item orders in the most efficient route reducing their travel time. This was critical to them because their wide range of stock is spread over two floors which means reducing unecessary trips up and down stairs has been a massive time saver.

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