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Peoplevox Product News

Black Friday Warehouse Videos

Leo Connolly
  • 02 December 2021
  • 7 min read

For the third year running, we're able to bring you some behind the scenes action from warehouses around the world running Peoplevox to fulfil their orders, delight their customers and build their brand.

You can see the energy, passion and positive culture each of these warehouses exhibit. That's because their teams are bought into the mission, the brand lives in every one of them, and, we make their lives as easy as possible by giving them a super efficient, easy to use, scalable warehouse management system.

And a special thanks to TikTok - without you blowing up in 2021, our customers would not have such a creative way of documenting their work and showing off Peoplevox in action in their warehouse operation.


Princess Polly

From Queensland to the world, this Australian born brand is a truly global player, and have gone from strength to strength as an industry icon. They maximised the space in the warehouse by making the aisles just wide enough to fit their trolleys down, and are using multi-item batch picking to great effect. On top of that, we love how they have a clear run of pack benches the entire length of the warehouse, making the handover from pick to pack as fast as possible without bottlenecks. And check out the big screen projector at the far end, on the wall, showing everyone how much progress they're making order by order. Party lights and pumping tunes in the DC not required, but definitely a Black Friday vibe!







Jamie Kay

Another Aussie fashion brand here - Jamie Kay's team are using a combination of trolleys and baskets to pick orders into, and you can feel the productivity as they mill around the warehouse without getting in each others' way despite the busy period! If you look closely, you'll see their trolleys have a step ladder on the side, allowing them to extend up the height of their pickface, and having team members reach higher than normal to pick items. This is a great way to maximise your pickable locations and make more of your warehouse floorspace.







Lounge Underwear

This British brand are on the fast-track to Hall of Fame status in the Shopify ecosystem, and have enjoyed another iconic year, blowing all records out the park in terms of orders, items shipped and customers delighted. From our story with them last year to now, the brand are continuing their meteoric rise to global stardom in the loungewear and underwear space. Place an order with them and watch what happens next.






When it comes to delivering truly special moments to your customers, details matter. That's what we love about the way Bedfolk are packaging their orders here. Keep an eye out for the scan to dispatch function of Peoplevox in use too!





Petal + Pup

The fashion brands have definitely taken the lead on the BFCM warehouse content this year. This short vid has a lot of logistics packed in! First we have a picker following guidance from the mobile device as she works down the aisle, taking multiple items from each pick location for multiple orders in one go. The despatchers are flying through orders, printing labels rapidly in time with each order going into the mailer. Then that shot of 10s of labels all being printed at once, that's straight from a single-item batch pick run! Double thumbs up from the driver and triple thumbs up from us!


petal pup




More awesome use of the 'Waddy Trolley' stepladder here, as well as a neat close up of the PVX mobile app scanning items at pick. Tilletts use both pick and sort to trolley, and multi-item batch pick, hence the supermarket trolley also shown in this TikTok. And we love the festive mailers being used/frisbee'd at the end.




Additional Lengths

Additional points to this UK customer, not just for how neat and tidy their warehouse looks, but for the insane efficiencies they're able to capitalise on by having small, perfectly packaged items. They can fit 40 or more orders on one trolley as they pick and sort. And pay special attention to the last scene. As the last item for the order is scanned for despatch, not only does the shipping label print to stick to the outside of the box, thanks to our print template rules that have been set up, an additional piece of documentation is printed to go inside the box, detailing the order and perhaps containing a discount code or personalised message.


add lengths-1



Love Leggings

Rounding out the show with another mega-operation. When you're known for one specific product, you can be sure you've found the most effective way to fulfil orders for that item type. These guys hold a massive amount of stock, and still fly through the order fulfilment process to stay ahead of their impressive customer demand.





That's it! Until the next time. Like what you see? Shoot us a note with a question, request for a demo, more explanation, or anything else.

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