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Video of warehouses on Black Friday

Leo Connolly
  • 04 December 2020
  • 5 min read

Black Friday 2020... it was never going to be a quiet one.


We'd already seen record volumes of orders going through the system through the spring and summer, so we knew all records were going to be absolutely obliterated come the big week. We were not disappointed. Showing off is a natural next step:


Lounge Underwear


British direct to consumer royalty at this point. They live and breathe the brand, their customers are like a family to them, and what we love most, is they are truly passionate about their logistics as a thing that sets them apart from competitors and copy cats. They shipped over 500,000 orders in a week. Bring on 2021, 1 million orders shipped in a week incoming.





This is an active lifestyle brand rising up fast out the UK. On Shopify, warehouse with room to scale and slick operations to back up a great product range. Marketing ramps = fulfilment ramps with it. They've gone from 10s of orders to 1000s in just a year or so, with no signs of slowing down now. Founder CEO Hyrum Cook let us know:

'Been a crazy week. Don't know how we could have achieved it without PVX.'


The Sheet Society


Do not sleep on these guys. Australian brand who are pioneering bedding as a lifestyle brand. They say you spend over half your life in bed, so you should make it count. The co-founder Andy, who runs operations, e-commerce and finance, interviewed with the guys at Afterpay:

“Now, everything is completely barcoded, and you can pick up a wireless Android device and that will lead you around the warehouse in the most efficient route,” he says. “It’s taken a lot of human error out of the process.”

Importantly, the business can now handle larger volumes and has even launched a same-day delivery service, knowing that the warehouse can manage it. “It’s really exciting. We know the product works. Now, we can really turn on the marketing and go for it. It’s really opened up the next phase for us.” 




Our boys at AYBL https://www.beaybl.com/ went live with PVX at the end of summer 2020, ready for a 50% site wide Black Friday sale. Anticipating a huge spike in order volume for this peak trading period, this is how their warehouse is laid out.

Note: Maximum possible pick locations, minimal bulk storage. E-commerce specific trolleys. Mobile scanning at pick and despatch for accuracy and speed. No BFCM chaos.


Super proud of all our clients over this Peak Period, and we're hoping to document a few more of the stories in the coming weeks and months, so keep it here.


Evaluating systems yourself? Black Friday come and gone and you're still struggling to get through the volume of orders you received? Next step: tell us what you like about these videos and ask us how we'd set you up for similar results.


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