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Top 5 eCommerce order picking mistakes Part 2

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WRITTEN BY Jonathan Bellwood /

25 February 2015

Continued from Top 5 eCommerce order picking mistakes Part 1.

Mistake #4: Putting multiple orders and their invoices in one picking box

We see this happening more often than any of the others mistakes. It's the worst offender and should be avoided. If you really have to do this, at least have a 'scan at pack bench' check so the packer uses a barcode solution to verify that the right item is going with the right order. This will reduce the number of customers getting sent the wrong items and it allows you to throw your picked orders into one box with their pre-printed invoices.

Mistake #5: Fixed location assigned to each product

Dynamic Locations Dynamic Locations

Purchasing got a great deal on blue underpants so two pallets have just arrived at the warehouse to be packed away in a box-sized location. Do the operators stuff it in the location or do they just leave it in an untidy stack close by and hope pickers will find them when needed?

We understand that this is the only real way to operate when you grow from nothing and you have no system in place. We would be a rich if we had a Dollar, Euro or Pound for every time a company tells us that they are out of space in their warehouse. 90% are wrong. They  just need to understand the best practices to the ultimate eComemrce warehouse and start making the changes.


There are steps your eCommerce business can take without an electronic barcode system for stock control and order picking. However, once you have more than two people in your warehouse, you should consider a simple yet scalable system to get you growing, with top priority on dynamic locations and accurate picking and packing.

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