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The ultimate guide to enhancing Magento with a WMS

Will Grove
  • 19 December 2017
  • 5 min read

There are many good reasons why Magento is one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms. What it does, it does well. But it hasn’t been designed to do everything; in order to work at its optimum level, it needs to bring in specialist partners to plug some of its gaps.

We recently became one of those partners - and the only Warehouse Management System in the Magento roster. We’ve been working with Magnto-powered e-commerce companies for years, helping them to get their back-end running as smoothly and seamlessly as their front-end.

To support the launch of our partnership with Magento, we’ve created a resource area that should answer a lot of the questions that you might have about whether a Warehouse Management System (WMS) would actually benefit your company. All of the documents in that resource area are listed below; download the one (or fill your boots with however many you want) that interests you most:

6 benefits of connecting Magento to a WMS

Simply put, these are 6 of the main benefits that your business will experience from connecting with a WMS. 

 Download it here.

5 problems with Magento inventory extensions

Like I said in the opening paragraph, Magento is pretty amazing. But there are some problems with its inventory; see if any of them resonate with your business.

Get your copy here. 

How Peoplevox enhances Magento pre-sales

Pre-sales can be a weak spot for Magento, so if it’s something that you’re keen to pursue more thoroughly you could well benefit from reading this e-book. It explains how to get pre-sales right, every time.

Download here.

3 examples of Magento & Peoplevox in action

Scrap the theory, and see exactly how we’ve been working with Magento-enabled companies to improve their fulfilment practices. This guide includes case studies from Mothercare Ireland, Fotter and Woodhouse Clothing.

Read the case studies here. 

9 biggest returns on investment - Magento & WMS

You might already think of a WMS as a cost-saving system. Which it is. But it’s also a revenue generator; download this guide for 9 clear reasons why.

Discover ROI here.

10 ways your e-commerce business can destroy its competition

Written in association with Monsoon Consulting, this guide explains how to improve both the front and the back-end of your B2B e-commerce business in order to outpace your rivals.

Explore more here. 

4 details every B2B business should remember

If you work in B2B commerce, give this e-book a thumb through as well. Its main focus isn’t on the benefits of using a WMS; it’s been written to help you to prepare for issues that you will face as you grow your business.

Read them here. 

How to build a successful Magento store

As much as we like to bang on about our WMS, it’s not the be-all and end-all for a successful Magento store. Download this e-book for some best practices to keep in mind when developing your Magento store.  

 Find out more here.

12 Magento pains eliminated by a WMS

Inventories, accurate picking...these aren’t Magento’s main specialisms. So it’s not a surprise that mistakes can happen. This guide outlines 12 of these headaches that can be easily cured with a WMS.

Download your copy here. 

4 signs that your Magento website is ready for a WMS

Not every business would benefit from installing a WMS. If you decide to shop around for one - whether that be with us, or not - it needs to be the right decision to help your company to grow. 4 of the biggest signposts that you’re ready are in this e-book.

See if your business is ready here.  

Anything not covered in these guides? If you've got any questions about how Peoplevox might be able to improve your Magento store, just ask. If we're online you can talk to us direct through the chat box, or you can see all of our contact information here.

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