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Stock Control System Success Story: CountryAttire.com

WRITTEN BY Jonathan Bellwood /

27 September 2013


Yorkshire, United Kingdom


25-50 Employees

Country Clothing retailer

Country Attire is the UK's leading online retailer for Barbour and Hunter, as well as a growing collection of British heritage brands. Set up in the green Peak District National Park in the geographic heart of England it is a family owned and run business that is proud of its quality, service and people. Their commitment to exception customer service has seen them grow from part-time online retailers to shipping in excess of 2,000 orders per day at peak.

Over the last five years Country Attire has seen dramatic growth from a business that centred around County Shows to become a thriving online retailer selling via multiple channels. This dramatic shift had seen them take up every inch available in their traditional English stone building with stock and push their team to its limit during December with countless hours of overtime to try and get customers orders out on time.

They knew they were at full capacity in November 2010 when order volume had doubled on the previous year and opening new sales channels like Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk had shown phenomenal demand for their quality brands. Initially they had no idea where to turn, all of the stock control options for retailers seemed to be focused around point of sale not picking internet orders. Was there a way to let their sales continue to grow without creating a massive fulfilment headache?

How to turn a stressed warehouse into an eCommerce order fulfilment machine?

Before turning to Peoplevox for help, Country Attire implemented a point of sale system that they had used for the County Shows to control stock levels. They couldn't manage stock locations in the system because it was built for shops and the hand held barcode scanner had a basic program for adding and removing stock. When lots of new deliveries arrived for peak trading the barcode scanners couldn't cope with the volume of stock they had to scan in and there were big delays in getting new stock checked in and available for sale.

They knew it was time to make a step forward, so they formulated a plan for anew and improved warehouse and fulfilment process. They decided it was time to bring an end to their disparate stock control systems, they had one for order despatch, the retail point of sale and their website on osCommerce. After visiting the PeopleVox website, they responded to an email from a PeopleVox warehouse specialist and invited them in to review their stock control and order fuflilment process. They instantly realised that there was a way to manage their complete warehouse management from one system designed for eCommerce businesses.

PeopleVox's stock control system helped Country Attire know exactly what stock is where

Country Attire started by addressing the basics with PeopleVox's warehouse location tool to map and label their warehouse locations. Before, they were unable to record the location of any stock in their stock control system because it was built for a retail shop floor. PeopleVox specifically helped them to create and manage their warehouse locations virtually to track their stock between multiple locations with ease. This has made finding where stock is kept for orders 50% faster.

stock control system resized 600 stock control system resized 600

Getting everything checked in the same day it arrives

The PeopleVox software and barcode scanners also enabled Country Attire to speed up goods in using Receive. They were able to barcode scan new deliveries into the stock control system and record their location, which has lead them get visibility on exactly what stock is where and make it available for sale more quickly. They reduced the average time a new delivery remains unavailable for sale by 150%.

The opportunity to target 100% order accuracy

After checking in all that new stock, there were even more orders to get out the door. Setting up to sell on Amazon and eBay had also exposed Country Attire to stricter rules around fulfilment standards and customer ratings. PeopleVox's order picking software enabled them to find items more quickly because locations were being recorded and guarantee the right item was being picked with a barcode scan. This enabled their warehouse team to work much faster because they no longer needed to double check everything for accuracy. This has increased order picking productivity by 50%.

100% live stock online

Finally, before coming to PeopleVox they didn't have accurate stock figures on their website or marketplaces. Using PeopleVox's stock control system's inventory API they were easily able to keep their sales channels to date with a live warehouse feed. This resulted in them displaying the '100% live stock' logo on their website which increased conversion and reduce their chances of overselling on Amazon and eBay which protects their ratings and Powerseller status. Whether you are selling on your own website or external marketplaces the live inventory feed will keep customers informed and increase their satisfaction with your service.

Is your eCommerce business facing similar stock control challenges as those mentioned here? Go to PeopleVox.co.uk/Mydemo to get a custom demonstration of PeopleVox's warehouse management system and discover how you to can target order fulfilment perfection.

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