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Peoplevox Updates

Welcome ScanSKU, our handset supplier of choice

Leo Connolly
  • 29 May 2020
  • 1 min read

With offices in the US, UK and Australia, ScanSKU develop a selection of ready to use, rugged Android barcode scanners that suit the needs of Peoplevox users globally.


Screenshot 2020-05-18 at 17.57.40

Whilst Peoplevox is downloadable from the Google Play store and will run on any Android device, a morning spent picking and packing orders in a warehouse will attest that hard-wearing devices with high quality barcode scanners are useful, if you don’t want to rack up a huge bill at the screen repair shop. Experienced warehouse operators and fulfillment specialists agree that the right hardware is a crucial part of your operation: handsets with great battery life, robust interfaces, simple usability and long lasting will offer long term benefits to productivity, morale and the cost-sheet.

ScanSKU’s devices go far beyond ‘a smartphone with a bolted on scanner’, and have been designed from the ground up for warehouse use: Tough exterior casing coupled with Android 7 OS, an ergonomic hard keyboard, multiple ‘scan’ buttons to suit the user preference, removable, rechargeable battery pack, bluetooth and various scanner setting configurations are available.

ScanSKU are a proven solution: knowing that they had already supplied a number of our clients makes this relationship a natural fit. You can see the devices in action here:

Mister Zimi + Peoplevox Case study video


And here:



Here’s our page on their site, to see the full range


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