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Peoplevox Updates

New Feature: Find a PO by scanning items

Harry Peek
  • 22 August 2019
  • 1 min read

Android mobile App > Receive by Purchase Order

Use case

Do you ever have issues with deliveries not being correctly marked with the relevant purchase order (PO) on the box / pallet meaning that you can't easily receive them and reconcile them against your POs?

Our new Android feature may be able to help with that.

How it works

Once enabled you will get the option to scan an item in the delivery to receive by PO.

Scanning the item will check for all the POs containing it, if there's just one it will be automatically assigned. Where there are multiple it will bring up all the matching POs, you can see all the details about them and select the correct one.


Explainer video


Getting it enabled on your Peoplevox account

This feature is available free of charge. If you would like access, contact support who can enable it for you.

As ever please let me know what you think and if you have any other feedback.


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