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Peoplevox Updates

Product 2020: The story so far

Zach Secrest
  • 05 May 2020
  • 2 min read

The world has changed a lot in the last few months. These are some of the ways we will be adapting and evolving to help drive maximum value to our customers during these difficult times.

Stability and Scale

The entire logistics world has shifted seemingly overnight. More and more customers are moving to online shopping as opposed to traditional brick and mortar shopping experiences. This means more parcels shipping and more volume going through warehouses. This is when speed and performance matter the most. As a result, we will be putting an even greater focus on stability and scale to help our customers stay on top of shifts in demand, keeping products moving and on their way to consumers.

Harness the Power of Descartes

By combining with Descartes Systems Group, we can offer more solutions and resources to help meet your logistics needs. Featuring innovative shipping opportunities, fulfillment and compliance solutions, connectivity to the fastest growing storefronts, the combination of Peoplevox and Descartes is here to help your organization grow and evolve.

Reporting and Insights

It is more important than ever to stay connected to the day to day operations of the business. We have continued to put a significant focus on reporting and have completed significant efforts to move highly resource intensive reports to a dedicated environment, reducing slowdown on the warehouse floor. We also know that data is great but knowing what to do with it is even better. Throughout 2020 we will be exploring ways to drive more insights that help reduce cost, improve throughput and ultimately drive increased customer satisfaction.

Features and Functionality

We strive to continue to continue to grow with our customers. While the current solution is an excellent tool that meets many needs, the only way to coast is down. That is why we are continuing to innovate and look for new features and functionality that delight and drive more value to our users. Things to look for on the horizon is more distinct inventory control by being able to capture and utilize Lot, Serial or Batch numbers when managing inventory, and more efficient picking based on expiration or receipt date and more bulk picking strategies.

The team continues to appreciate working with you and looks forward to growing and evolving alongside you as we navigate these uncertain times together. We love hearing from you, so, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at support@peoplevox.com.


Zach Secrest

Product Manager

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