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Peoplevox Updates

Family-run, eco-friendly and ready for the next stage of their growth

Leo Connolly
  • 09 October 2020
  • 2 min read

Muldale, straight out of Gainsborough, UK, are an online shop with a range of homeware, garden and outdoors products, selling them directly from their recently rebranded and upgraded Magento website. Having doubled the size of their warehouse and focussed in on becoming an eco-conscious retailer at the end of 2019, they took on the project of transforming their warehouse operation with Peoplevox.

The immediate aim was to increase productivity in the team and find efficiencies throughout the pick, pack and ship process. Longer term, by adding far greater capacity for growth into their fulfillment, Muldale are aiming to realise their potential as a rapidly scaling business.


Screenshot 2020-10-09 at 11.44.53


The project went smoothly thanks to Adam Larkins and his team, with Muldale letting us know picking speed increased immediately, even on the first day of going live they'd cleared their required picks before the project manager Adam had had his morning brew!

When we caught up with Andy, the business operations manager of Muldale, he was kind enough to feedback to us:

“the Peoplevox system is now working well, it's stable and reliable and colleagues have settled quickly into using it. Support is good (via the Helpdesk).  Productivity is already starting to improve and whilst it's early days the system will give fantastic future capability and growth capacity to our business. The additional add ons will also enable improved capability as we grow and scale up our business.

Whilst the project was protracted due to the Covid Crisis, Adam our Business Manager has coordinated with us very well and built a good solid business relationship and all our teams, we felt well supported by him- Thank you Adam!”

A quick look at Muldale's sustainability initiative and why it's so important more brands and retailers follow suit.


We’d like to extend our thanks to the support from Oddsphere for the integration to Shipster, which will be handling the carrier and despatch management, as well as to Linnworks and Magento, who form the ‘front-end’ of this e-commerce specific technology stack, covering the main web shop and various other sales channel connectivity requirements.


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