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Peoplevox Updates

Do you need to pick products where you can't scan a barcode?

Harry Peek
  • 16 September 2019
  • 2 min read

We’ve made it much quicker to add an item when scanning isn’t an option. This can be an issue when picking in these scenarios:

  1. If barcodes are damaged and unreadable 
  2. With very small items which can’t be labelled

So, we’ve added a new config option which changes the behaviour when you tap the 🔎 next to ‘Item(s)’ on the pick screen. 




With this setting enabled it will only show the item due to be picked rather than the full list of all your items, making it much faster to add the item and continue picking.

This also now matches the behaviour of the 🔎 next to ‘From Location’ which lets you quickly add the location if it isn’t scannable. 


picking without barcodes


Considerations for using scan-free picking

Now, whilst we're all about the barcode we realise that sometimes it is impractical or too expensive to label each item individually.

The limitation with this picking method is that it depends on the products being sorted into their order as you pick them as you won't have a barcode to scan at packing bench.

We recommend using this workflow with:

1. Pick and sort to trolley

2. One person picks one order


Release Plans - Feedback request

Initially this will be an option config option which support can enable for you but we plan to make this default behaviour for all. 

Please let me know if you have any feedback about this plan.


Longer Term - How could this be improved?

We are looking at making a further change to make it 1 step process to add un-scannable locations and items rather than two steps by:

  1. Replace the ‘🔎 > tap location/item’ process with a single step ‘Quick Add’ button.
  2. The button would be a user permission so as with the search buttons it could only be enabled for some users.  


We’d love to know what you think about this plan - send me feedback

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