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Peoplevox Updates

Looking Forward: Our 2020 Vision

Harry Peek
  • 19 December 2019
  • 2 min read

Next year we’re looking to continue our theme of concentrating on highly scalable, robust infrastructure with some carefully chosen new features.

Infrastructure Optimisation

We’ll be spending some time optimising the system for our new infrastructure environment, ironing out any last remaining gremlins and looking for further improvements.

New Mobile App

We’re going to be working on a brand new version of the Peoplevox mobile app which will deliver a fully online mode, greater stability and a number of new features. This will be a lengthy project but one where we plan to deliver incremental benefit by releasing the new app to use as soon as the first functions are ready, we’ll then gradually move more and more over until the new app has taken over. Look out for more news on this exciting project in Q1.


Finally we’re going to put a significant focus on reporting. We know how much our customers rely on and value reporting and so we want to make it even better. This will start with moving all reporting to its own dedicated database. This allows us to create a database that is fully optimised for delivering those reports and which is isolated from the rest of the system, so there’s no chance of heavy reporting usage causing slowdowns.

In the future we’d like to do a lot more in this area and have recently taken advantage of our peak season code freeze to do some early concept work looking at custom reporting, so you would no longer be limited to our set of templated reports, and taking advantage of the incredible set of tools that Amazon Web Services provides such as using prediction engines to enable you to plan resource based on your past behaviour.

2020 1

An early example of custom reporting with Peoplevox using AWS’ QuickSight tool



An early experiment using a prediction engine built into the Peoplevox Actions feature

We would love to know what you think about these ideas, drop me an email if you’ve got thoughts on any of these topics.

Your feedback is always invaluable and my team are keen to hear what you think of changes we’ve made and to talk through any problems you’re having - if we can’t find a solution it might just trigger the next big change for Peoplevox!




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