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iPhone barcode scanner app helps celiacs

WRITTEN BY Jonathan Bellwood /

06 December 2010

Last week I was recommended a new iPhone barcode scanner app called Foodwiz as we were talking about allergies and a few people I know are celiacs.

I dived in to test it for other allergies that it covers and starting using the iPhone app to scan away at home, soon to learn that my detested celery is in my favourite Marmite!

Basically, the creators slogged away for 10 years to work with the leading retailers like Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda to get all their product ingredients into one place, and relate them to what certain people with certain allergies can and can't eat. A tough task, combined with compressing the data small enough to fit onto a smart phone and combine it with the iPhone barcode scanner.

It is not cheap when you compare it with other iPhone apps, but it is good value really at about £5 per month if you have these allergies and you need something to give you red light alarm bells when you are considering buying it in the supermarket. So you simply use the iPhone barcode scanner, scan the product in the store and it gives you a tick or cross against all the ingredients suitable for the different allergies.

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