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How To Turn A Quiet Summer To Your Advantage

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05 June 2017

Unless your e-commerce business is specifically orientated towards summer-related products, like our customer, Surfdome, things typically slow down for businesses as soon as the weather starts to improve. While this may seem like a bad thing, it should be viewed as an opportunity. Quieter periods are the ideal time to review your operations and implement strategic changes that can help you increase your sales volumes, once things pick up again.

Ready to grow?

Successful e-commerce businesses may experience extremely high levels of growth in a very short amount of time. This often means processes that worked fine to begin with; suddenly buckle under the strain of increased volumes. One area of operations that generally isn’t set up to cope with a sudden growth in volumes in a new e-commerce business is warehouse management.

Reviewing how your warehousing is managed over the quieter months can make a huge difference to the efficiency and profitability of your business. The right solution can significantly reduce your operating costs, as well as increase your speed to market with new stock, meaning you are set up to make more sales, when you experience peaks in demand.

Success is scalable

While only dealing with smaller volumes, it would be uncommon for a new e-commerce business to invest in a dedicated system to manage its warehouse operations, as their focus tends to be on keeping operating costs as low as possible. Instead, they tend to invest time and manpower, managing everything using paper systems and relying on human verification methods. This may work perfectly well for a period of time as well, while the company is becoming established.

However, it can quickly become unsustainable, when operations become larger and/or more diverse. Eventually the manpower required to manage things in this way become expensive and inefficient, leading to lost opportunities, delays to customer shipments and all sorts of other problems. Even worse, the associated inconveniences experienced by customers can lead to a loss of repeat business, as well as complaints and negative reviews appearing online.

How Warehouse Management Software (WMS) can help

Consider the following:

  • Are items for despatch always located easily by picking staff?
  • Does it take a long time to reconcile stock with purchase orders and/or goods-in records?
  • Are returns correctly categorised, so you immediately know whether returned stock can be resold, or if it is faulty?
  • Do you frequently oversell products?

These are just some of the common issues easily resolved by implementing a Warehouse Management System. Once you’re handling around 200-500 orders a day, a properly planned and implemented WMS can transform your working world. Aside from removing the cumbersome paper elements of the process, you will be set up to deal with any surges in volumes, with much faster processing and despatch capabilities.

However, some solutions can be rather overcomplicated and are difficult to become familiar with, meaning training staff can take time. This makes it difficult to deploy these solutions without significantly affecting operations, as setup and installation can also be time consuming, if you have a diverse product range or awkwardly shaped warehousing space.

Peoplevox WMS

As the only Warehouse Management System designed specifically for smartphones and tablets, it has intuitiveness at its core. Training staff takes less than an hour, which means you can be fully up-and-running after as little as 6-10 weeks setup time.

Reorganising your warehouse becomes a simple task which not only saves you time, but also reduces your operating costs by making your business more efficient and responsive. Customer satisfaction will also improve, as you manage your picking, sorting, deliveries and returns more effectively.

Going beyond organising your warehouse, Peoplevox WMS allows you to manage your inventory in real time. It also gives you the ability to examine historical trends and plan ahead for peaks and troughs, meaning fewer missed opportunities and higher revenues.

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Discover the potential return on investment you could achieve with Peoplevox WMS, using our ROI calculator. Alternatively, to learn more about how our Warehouse Management Software could benefit your e-commerce business, contact us for a free, no obligation consultation with our friendly team of experts.

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