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Peoplevox Updates

Go Lives - Our Summer Signings

Leo Connolly
  • 06 August 2020
  • 5 min read

Over the spring and summer of 2020, Peoplevox have added a number of exciting brands to their live roster, across a variety of segments and industry categories. It’s with a great amount of pride and joy we can run through a few of the marquee signings for this period, on a tour around the world of newly epic e-commerce fulfillment powerhouses.


Ghost Lifestyle - Las Vegas, USA (Shippo, Netsuite, Shopify Plus, Patchworks)

This is a pretty big deal for us. Ghost are defining their own category within the fitness and supplement industry. The bold branding, creative marketing and tight influencer relationships these guys have formed with the likes of Christian Guzman, Maxx Chewning and Rob Lipsett (each have their own flavour pre-workout!) set them apart as the top dogs in the online-first, direct to consumer supplement space. Not only that, some of the flavour collabs they’ve been able to pull off are insane! Pairing up with home-name brands like Welch’s Grape and Sour Patch to create seriously unique, much-desired, limited runs of flavours for their products. Moreover, as they expand their brand, they’ve made the smart move to the gaming market, with a new range of supplements and energy drinks designed for hardcore gamers.

From a fulfillment perspective, Ghost blend direct to consumer through their own website and Instagram, as well as being stocked in a wide range of retail outlets, supplement stores and the like across the US. Their new warehouse in Vegas is going to become the heartbeat of the business, and Peoplevox WMS is being put in place to serve their ecommerce arm, with speed slots, custom racking and more to get their orders shipped at high volume world wide. If you jump to 9.20 in the video below, you can check out the founders of Ghost visiting their new shed, chatting to the operations manager, and getting very hyped for the launch at the start of August.


BEAYBL - United Kingdom (Starshipit, Patchworks, Shopify Plus)

Back over in the UK, AYBL are a DTC brand on the rise, creating their own niche within the fitness apparel industry, as a women’s only, take the gym very seriously brand, with products that blend style with functionality. They are also a brand focussed on creating a community around themselves, with a lot of their content ‘user-generated’ and a focus on the people behind the promotions.

We are buzzing to see where they are heading next, having already collab’d with the likes of BBC and Radio One’s Maya Jama, and other influential British personalities in the fashion and fitness space.

Screenshot 2020-08-06 at 16.55.35


Beauty Features - Ireland (BigCommerce, Brightpearl, Shipster)

Ireland’s destination for luxury haircare and premium skincare have grown from strength to strength in recent years, and happily boast over 150,000 visitors a month to their site. Selling a wide range of top brands online, the represent Peoplevox’s growing clientele in the Health and Beauty space, having started in earnest with our friends at Sigma Beauty. With lockdown ongoing, consumers have charged headfirst into the home beauty market, and a number of our clients have seen huge increases in demand. Beauty Features are no different, and their decision to go live with our WMS is indicative of this trend: they needed a solution to their growing customer base becoming more and more frequent spenders and hence spiking order volumes way up.


Screenshot 2020-08-06 at 16.58.37


Muscle Nation - Australia (Starshipit, Shopify Plus, Patchworks)

What would a Peoplevox client update be without a visit to the southern hemisphere? Covering both activewear and supplements, Muscle Nation are one of the fastest growing Aussie brands in the industry, coming out of Brisbane. From the co-founder’s bedroom to their 1,200sq ft warehouse, their glow up in the past four years is pretty awesome, and Peoplevox is proud to have come in as they really ramp up their volumes and fulfillment requirements.


They are a community first business, donating regularly to charities, and invest heavily back into the business as well. For them, it is all about the customer service and satisfaction, loyal fans and a family feel. We couldn’t be more behind that vision, and hope our WMS can provide the kind of fulfillment capacity that’ll see every order shipped with the same love and care. Just look at their warehouse Christmas vibes! 


Screenshot 2020-08-06 at 16.59.38


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