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eCommerce warehouse tip: Mezzanines optimise picking locations

How To

WRITTEN BY Jonathan Bellwood /

11 October 2013

While you’re inevitably confined within the constraints of the dimensions of your warehouse, the space you have going upwards is often neglected. This can be avoided by installing mezzanines which can help to expand your warehouse without putting your stock out of reach. With mezzanines you are effectively squeezing out every last bit of space in order to maximise your warehouse's potential pick face.

But I'm utilising space upwards with high-bay racking, so what’s the problem?

Well, whilst that might technically be true, high-bay racking proves extremely problematic if you aren't a palletised operation. If you don't pick and ship out by the pallet, why are you storing things up high on pallets? If you've got products for sales on your websites and the marketplace's then they should be available for your picking teams wherever possible. This is particularly prominent in some of the eCommerce companies that we have witnessed whereby warehouses have inefficient pick times as a result of out of reach pick locations.

Don't hinder yourself with avoidable mistakes...NO picker in an efficient eCommerce warehouse should be going up a ladder. If you are a rapidly growing retailer, that is rapidly running out of space then please, think about increasing your picking locations as the priority not just thinking that you need space to store products.

The solution

There are two ways to introduce mezzanines to your warehouse:

1. Firstly, you can look to take on a warehouse with the potential to have mezzanines installed. If you are finding your space utilisation/high-bay racking a real problem, relocating may well be the solution you need to reinvent your warehouse operations.

2. Alternatively, you can consider installing mezzanines into your current operation. Whilst this might seem like unnecessary hassle, in the long run you will begin to reap the rewards of more effective product locations and space utilisation.

The key isn't that you've put in a mezzanine, the key is that you have now created many more potential picking locations for your stock. This means that you can put more product lines in your warehouse and pick more skus each day without sending pickers upladders or pulling down pallets to pick a few single items.

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