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E-commerce fulfilment survey

Louisa Hopper
  • 28 March 2017
  • 3 min read
Help shape the future. Take part in “The 2017 E-Commerce Fulfilment Report”


Warehouse personnel are the unsung heroes of online retailing and without them nothing gets delivered. At the same time e-commerce retailers of all shapes and sizes are entering unchartered waters, facing unprecedented demand from their customers while preparing to meet increasingly onerous fulfilment deadlines.

But what kind of technologies are going to be needed in the warehouses of the near future to help ensure promises are kept and profits are made?   

To find the answers, the warehouse management industry and the customers we serve, need to talk. This is at the heart of our initiative to run an industry-wide market study into the future of e-commerce fulfilment.

There’s still time for you to take part and help shape the future of e-commerce fulfilment.

All respondents will receive a copy of the study free of charge when it is completed. You can also win an iPad Pro! Just complete the online market survey questionnaire

Since launching the online survey a couple of weeks ago we’ve already received a surprising amount of feedback from around the globe. From pure-play e-commerce and multichannel retailers, solutions providers, warehouse managers and operatives, to back office personnel and more, “The 2017 E-Commerce Fulfilment Report” seems to have struck a chord - or more to the point, a nerve!  

When it comes to taking e-commerce fulfilment to the next level we are seeing a common thread emerging among those running or working in warehouses, as well as from the retail business owners and managers depending on them. Especially on the future challenges of keeping pace with changing and growing customer demands and productivity. Concerns such as:

“How can we do more without compromising service and profits?”

“What technological developments do we need to be planning for?”

“When should we take action?”

“Who will help us?”

A few respondents appear more relaxed than most about their ability to cope with the uncertainty of the future. Others have yet to respond at all. Maybe these have not yet experienced the roller coaster impact of sudden expansion, or ‘nerve jangling’ peaks and troughs…one thing’s for sure, in the world of e-commerce retailing the future is never certain. You are only ever as good as your customer’s last fulfilment experience.

Whether you are in the warehouse at the sharp end of order fulfilment, or the retailer relying on the service provided, the “2017 E-Commerce Fulfilment Report” project is designed to set growing as well as more established retail businesses on the right road.

Why now is such a crucial time to be doing this...

E-commerce is entering a new era bringing unprecedented opportunity, risk and complexity.

In the thick of it are online and multichannel retailers, many of whom are fast approaching a major crossroads, where making a wrong turn on fulfilment may hugely impact future business performance. So this is definitely not the time to be leaving things to chance.

But without undertaking extensive market research would be analogous to crossing an eight lane motorway blindfolded!

So please let us know what your e-commerce warehouse operation looks like and the future plans you may or may not be making. Your feedback will assist in more accurately determining the kind of fulfilment solutions necessary for meeting your future operational challenges and requirements.  

Just complete the online market survey questionnaire which takes less than five minutes. All responses will be treated confidentially.

Your help is really appreciated.

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