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What is the cost of inventory management software support?

WRITTEN BY Jonathan Bellwood /

19 August 2010

What should be the cost for inventory management software support?

There are often different levels of support for each Client requirement, so we will take the one that meets 80% of requirements.

Let's start with what should be included in inventory management software support:

>> 30 day post go-live technical contact to support snagging requests.

>> Access to new releases and patches of supplier software products that are made available as a standard release to existing Clients.

>> Troubleshoot and resolve problems in the current or immediately preceding version release of supplier software product.

>> Remote diagnosis and support via remote desktop

>> Access to software application product documentation and knowledge base

>> When major advancements in functionality are released or new third party components are incorporated in to the product, the supplier often reserves the right to charge additional fees.

What is typically not included in inventory management software support?

>> Implementation, installation, configuration, training, data manipulation, backup or import, reports creation, upgrade services, consultation or setup of new software products or modules

>> Support of 3rd party software and hardware not covered by specific contract. This includes:

# Operating system, server software, database, backup and other 3rd party software products.

# Servers, networks, printers, mobile and desktop computers and other hardware not provided by Peoplevox

# Customisation or modifications that are not part of the standard new release or upgrade of the software

What is the cost?

Companies typically charge an annual fee equal to 15% of licence cost for an inventory management software system and 15-20% for a full warehouse management system. This assumes that the above factors are included and not included as stated.

Is it necessary to have a maintenance contract or should I just pay as I go?

The risks here are being left behind on the latest releases and also having to wait a longer time if your mission-critical system is not working. So, in short, yes, you need a support contract on an inventory management software system if it is mission critical.

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